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by Simon Crust Mar 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Cop On A Misson DVD Review
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    The film is presented as a theatrically correct 2.35:1 ratio anamorphically enhanced for widescreen TVs with an average bitrate between 3-5 Mbps. On the whole the picture is not great; the image is soft, a bit dark and with too much red saturation. There is plenty of print damage too as flecks, white specks and other dirt marks. This is all due to the poor original print used, its long be known that Asian cinema is not the best at looking after their product; however things are getting much better, so it appears that there has been little to no clean up of this print and it shows because digitally there are no compression problems, neither is there any edge enhancement. A little clean up, tidy up the colours and sharpen the image this could have been great.
    Cop On A Misson Picture


    Even though the press release accompanying my copy list Mandarin and Vietnamese sound tracks, this promotional copy only had Cantonese Dolby digital 5.1. Just like the video this too is sadly rather poor. Encoded at a mere 384 Kbps, and sounding very thick and dull with little to no use from the rears, this is one disappointing track. The tonal level is wrong, everything sounds like it had been played through a bucket of water. There is little to no separation, practically nothing being sent to the rears. The only good point was the gunshots that did gain the tiniest thump from the LFE, but even that cannot save a dull, dreary track. Once again, just the smallest amount of digital cleaning would have brightened the sound dramatically, even without the full rear usage a clean, clear track can still sound good, this one does not.

    A quick word on the subtitles, they are in a large white font and positioned mostly in the lower black bar of the widescreen TV. This is good, what is not so good is the rather poor English and grammar, something that is a problem for a lot of HK releases, so we shall forgive this. What I cannot forgive though is their very poor timing, they pop onto the screen after the person has stopped speaking, while this can largely be ignored when there is only one person on screen, with two in an argument, it is very difficult to keep up with who is saying what!
    Cop On A Misson Sound


    According to the press release I received with this promotional only copy this disc contains an audio commentary, filmographies, biographies, artwork galleries and trailers. However, all that was on my review disc was a trailer for Red Trousers a 'film within a film' about Asian stuntmen. Hopefully there is more on the actual retail disc.....
    Cop On A Misson Extras


    As the first entry into the UK market for Tai Seng Entertainment, Cop on a Mission is not a good advert. This fine film is spoilt by being a terrible product; and it is not a good enough film to over look the flaws in its packaging as it is. T.S.E. really need to pull their finger out if they want to gain a piece of the UK market because this is simply not good enough, even as a budget release (which this is not) it is a shoddy product.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £19.99

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