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by AVForums Jun 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Colour Blossoms DVD Review
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    Well, it's a nice looking movie, visually and PQ-wise and sounds very good, but it's just a bit.....well, odd really. I'm still not convinced I've understood what it was trying to say, but I can't really come up with any other option than the one I have. It's certainly a different take on a love story, but that's not necessarily a recommendation. If it sounds intriguing enough, or you want to see a really nice transfer, it's cheap enough for a dip but I still can't recommend it as a movie.
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    Presented in 2.35:1 with an anamorphic transfer, this is a really nice transfer. No bleed is noticeable and I couldn't spot any edge enhancement. Colours are bright and vivid - this is a very colourful movie as well - with flesh tones being spot on in general and the black levels are deep and dark, most notably during the end sequence. There was a hint of grain in the beginning but that soon disappeared. In fact, all things considered, I'd say this would be one of the most colourful, vivid and decent transfers I've seen for a while. I'm impressed.
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    Boasting both a Dolby EX mix as well as a DTS ES mix, one would expect this to have a good soundtrack. Well, sort of. DTS vs. Dolby, the DTS has the edge in volume and in presence, but not by much, so either one you'll be happy with. In terms of soundstage, the dialogue is clear and crisp (some of it is in English, but you'd be advised to keep the subtitles on) and music is clear and crisp, even if it's bad electronic music for the most part. Subwoofer usage is apparent, but this isn't Jurassic Park, so nothing to get excited about. However, when the rears are evoked in a powerful manner, they are rather apparent and welcome, but it's not the case all the time. Having said that, for this movie, it's not reliant on that type of soundtrack, so while it's not reference quality, there's nothing wrong or bad with it.
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    Disk one is devoid of extras, with the exception of a commentary track, which isn't in English - so I'll skip that, if that's all the same to you.

    Disk 2 starts with 8 promotional trailers and the theatrical trailer. Nothing overly exciting, but nothing that is really going to spoil the movie for you either. The Making of featurette lasts for 26 minutes and thankfully has English subtitles. It's not quite the same fluffy featurette we tend to get and it was interesting that they considered this an erotic movie, which I can see why, but I wouldn't necessarily agree completely. Worth a view, as well as remembering Harisu isn't what she appears to be either. The music video for “Solo River Blues” is a bit of an oxymoron as you see a lot of behind the making of the movie, set to this tune. A tad odd if nothing else. Rounding off the disk we have the stills gallery and biographies.
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