Close Encounters of the Third Kind Review

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by AVForums Aug 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind Review
    Fresh from the massive success of blockbuster shark movie Jaws Steven Spielberg decided to take cinema audiences on a completely different quest with the release of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - no humans would be eaten for breakfast in this film. Instead Mr. Spielberg waves his magic director's wand to tell a tale of little grey aliens and their impact on an unsuspecting public.

    The movie starts as it means to continue - with a mystery. Five planes (Flight 19), reported missing back in 1945, are discovered in the Sonora Desert, Mexico. They are in pristine condition and full working order - they even have fuel in their tanks. How did they get there? (Interestingly, Flight 19 really did exist and did in fact disappear without trace, albeit in 1947, to later become part of Bermuda Triangle folklore). Spielberg weaves an intricate web of interconnecting stories - a plane's near miss with an Unidentified Flying Object; a young boy and his mother's visitation by.............something; Roy Neary's (Richard Dreyfuss) frightening encounter with a huge flying craft, leaving his face, and mind, fairly well scorched; and finally back to the young boy and his abduction - taken from his helpless mother by.....aliens? These storylines are connected as Neary and the boy's mother are inexplicably drawn towards a huge rock known as Devil's Tower.

    This is classic storytelling - I felt like a little boy being told a bedtime story!

    This Superbit release, exclusive to Japan, includes the longer Director's cut of the movie, although the scenes where we get to see inside the mothership are not included in this cut. The film is spread over two discs.

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