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by AVForums Jun 19, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    Los Angeles and a small neighbourhood is being terrorised by a crossbow wielding lunatic. With no real motive and with the police helpless and clueless, people are in no mood to risk their lives and are staying indoors. However a group of girls have decided to throw a slumber party but due to the panic, only 3 of them have braved the trip. Are they safe in the house or will the killer decide to pay them a visit.

    Being a horror aficionado this is a film I'd heard some good things about and I was intrigued in seeing what was in store for me - Unfortunately not very much. This shot on video feature is nothing special, specifically poorly written characters and a general lack of tension or any real scare (bar one “jump” moment). The main problem is that it's shot on DV - it looks too real and this takes away from the graininess and atmosphere that regular film can often generate. The director Mark Tapio Kines is obviously trying to capture the feel of 80's horror flicks, i.e. Slumber party, 3 girls alone and a killer on the loose, but the problem is although these movies from the 80's lacked original plots, they had lashings of sex and violence.

    Despite having a couple of familiar faces, Mary Lynne Rajskub (Chloe from “24”) and Melanie Lynskey (“Heavenly Creatures” and “2 and a Half Men”), they play badly written characters that are wooden and frankly talk too much to the point where you're crying out for the killer to appear and slaughter them.

    Very little to recommend here, however perhaps with a better budget and script, director Kines may come up with something a little better.

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