Christmas With The Kranks DVD Review

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by AVForums Nov 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Christmas With The Kranks DVD Review
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    Typically a bad movie gets a good transfer and this is no different. With a theatrically correct ratio of 2.40:1, this looks very good with deep black levels and vivid colours, from the gaudy lights to the tangoed look of the Kranks tanned skin. Noise wasn't present and no haloing was noticeable either, but then the print should be very good - probably as the movie is so bad, it shouldn't have had much cinema time. However, although there aren't any real faults, this isn't exceptional or demo material either but it does the job adequately.
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    Yet again, we have an unexceptional Dolby Soundtrack to a comedy movie - it must just be this genre! Dialogue is fine and clear, although there was one scene with Tim Allen that was a little too quiet. Music and effects are heard fine through the front channels, with ambient music and occasional effects coming from the rears. No LFE was noticeable at any time in this movie, which makes you wonder why it was a 5.1 soundtrack and not just a Pro-Logic one, you'd get basically the same experience.
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    The only extra on the disk is “Hanging Lights On Hemlock Street” (15:21), which is a featurette which is like “Changing Rooms” where a team of pros decorate a house for Christmas. Yeah, that's the extras here and it's dull, dull, dull. Did I mention dull? It's not worth wasting 2 minutes watching this, let alone 15. Oh, sorry, we have some trailers for movies such as Bewitched and Are We There Yet? Quality entertainment to be had (disengaging sarcasm mode).
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    It's pretty tough sometimes to be objective when one loves movies, but hates Christmas. Even if I did like the fuzzy feel good factor of these Christmas movies, there's nothing good about this movie on any level. The actors walk through the motions, there's nothing funny about it and there's nothing remotely original either. It would be easy to call this movie a turkey, but in fairness there are some turkeys that are entertaining. This however isn't one and I can't recommend it to anyone except masochists and insomniacs.
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