Chek law dak gung Review

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by AVForums Dec 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    Chek law dak gung Review
    Let's get this straight. Naked
    Weapon is not a great film and
    is definitely not up to the usual
    calibre that we've all come to
    expect from Hong Kong Legends.
    Yet it still entertains in its own way.
    The ruthless Madam M (Almen
    Wong) has started abducting athletic
    young girls from around the globe with
    the intention of creating the ultimate
    female assassin. She imprisons the
    girls on a remote island and subjects
    them to military-style training including
    survival and weapons skills, plus the
    art of seduction. As the years pass,
    the girls become highly trained killing
    machines and are ultimately pitted
    against one another in a deadly
    cage match until only three survive.
    Sent into the world as professional
    assassins, one of the girls (Maggie Q)
    becomes involved with a CIA Agent
    (Daniel Wu) investigating the murders,
    and together they set about reclaiming
    her past and eliminating Madam M.
    Naked Weapon is an explosive mix
    of babes, blades and bullets, with little
    in the way of plot to distract you.
    Director Tony Ching Siu-tung brings it
    all together with tremendous visual
    flair and stages some truly impressive
    action scenes, and Maggie Q is
    obviously a major talent in the making
    - but this can't disguise the fact that
    the film is ultimately rather silly. A
    satisfactory action film then, which
    could have been a lot more.

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