Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle Review

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by Phil Hinton Oct 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle Review
    Natalie (Cameron Diaz), Dylan (Drew Barrymore) and Alex (Lucy Liu) are back as crime fighting superheroes for the never seen Charlie. Our angels are ably assisted by a new Bosley (Bernie Mac) as they are asked to assist in the retrieval of two rings containing the full witness protection lists of the FBI. To make things a little harder for them Dylan's past comes back to haunt her as the rest of the team discover she was once on the witness protection list under her real name Helen Zaas (Yes a really lame joke which annoyingly keeps rearing(sorry) it's unwelcome head). Her ex-boyfriend, an Irish gangster, is out to kill her along with a fallen angel Madison Lee (Demi Moore) who wants them all dead! Add to this rather transparent plot some obvious and distracting cameo roles (Bruce Willis, John Cleese and the Olsen Twins to name three, er sorry 4) and you have the full sum parts of Full Throttle.

    The first film was full of fun and style with some good humour, but this time around it appears director McG has tried to squeeze too much into the film, which just means it becomes a disjointed and confusing mess. The various techniques employed by the director like bullet-time, wire fighting, split screen and over the top colour schemes just make this movie genre appear tired and flat. Much of the humour this time around appears forced with the very funny Bernie Mac even struggling to raise a smile and the surreal situation of John Cleese playing Lucy's father falls flat without a laugh.

    There are some good points hidden within this mess, but overall this excuse of a movie is a text book example of style over substance and proves that even with energetic editing techniques, fine effects work and some great comedy actors, it doesn't always equal success. I can only suggest you rent this title, but even then you won't thank me. A real mess and utterly disappointing.

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