Cannibal Taboo (2006) Blu-ray Review

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by Simon Crust Jan 5, 2009 at 12:00 AM

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    Cannibal Taboo (2006) Blu-ray Review
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    The disc presents a widescreen 1.78:1 1080p transfer using the MPEG-2 codec. The only thing that makes this high definition is the 1080p because simply put this picture is terrible, nothing to do with the transfer; it is the source material which is at fault. Shot entirely on digital video the picture suffers from all the inherent problem associated. Detail is pretty much non existent, edges are soft, skin and clothing have poor texture and distance shots exhibit little in the way of features. Colours are over blown and vivid, but not in a good way, greens and reds are too bright compared to the rest of the frame, at least there is no bleed though. Brightness is set to give super deep whites. So that means that there is precious little black on show. Contrast is boosted to the hilt with detail loss and a too bright and vibrant picture. All this conspires to flatten the picture to pancake levels.

    The print suffers from blocking, aliasing and motion blur, when scaled to 1080 this amplifies all the problems and brings them to the forefront making for a dreadful picture. There are no redeeming features for the picture but it is not the worst I've seen, ok it's the worst Blu-ray I've seen, not the worst DVD. Sad really.

    Cannibal Taboo (2006) Picture


    Only the one track to choose; English Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo and it is every bit as flat at the picture. There is very little separation across the front meaning there are precious few effects. At least there is no background hiss or ambient noise from the recording. The range is pretty flat, little to no bass, but the dialogue does come across as sounding pretty natural, if a little thin. In all, this track manages to convey its information but don't expect anything flash it simply is not there.

    Cannibal Taboo (2006) Sound


    • In the news

      Is a scanned article from a horror magazine in which director Mike Tristano is interviewed about his thoughts and processes for the film. It's all in glorious colour with plenty of naked girlie pictures. The text is pretty small, even on my 50 inch, so those with smaller sets might struggle a bit. The interview itself is pretty in depth, far more so than the other features on the disc.

    • Meat is Murder featurette - 0.15.59s

      A very short making of feature which comprises of some guy with a camcorder, of not much better quality than the main feature, shooting behind the scenes material. Contains as much blood and naked bodies as the main feature too. There are interviews with the cast and crew, particularly liked the one with the brother and sister actors interviewed just after their incest scene and both still naked!

    • Trailer - 0.02.27s

      Amazingly is the trailer, which makes the film look far better then it actually is.

    • Bios and filmographies

      Main cast and crew get a few pages about themselves and what films they've done.

    A rather lowly set of extras, but then I wasn't expecting much. The making of feature is pretty good for all its rawness, did show some actual method to the acting as well. Should be noted that there is no floating menu with this Blu-ray, it behaves exactly like an SD DVD does.
    Cannibal Taboo (2006) Extras


    When you buy a film with the title Cannibal Taboo, you kinda know what you're going to get. Whilst the film does deliver on its promise to be an exploitation film it does it so very lazily; with extraneous plot points and an over blown and lengthy script make this rather hard going since the talent involved don't have the ... ahem talent to sustain it. It is not with out its charm, if you can call it that, and there is that vein of silliness that means a few jars after the pub would make all the difference.

    As a Blu-ray package it is nothing more than an upscaled DVD with nothing of the finesse or technology that this high definition format demands; still you've gotta give it to the distribution company releasing it as such; it means, in my book, that this format is being embraced by everyone and soon we may see such other low budget 'delights' coming to this winning format.

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £15.47

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