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by AVForums May 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Brother Bear Review
    In a time when mammoths roam the
    lands, three Inuit brothers, Kenai, Sitka
    and Denahi, hunt and fish the mountain
    ranges. But when Kenai reaches manhood
    and is awarded his totem, the Bear of
    Love, he offends the ancestral spirits, and
    is turned into a bear. Hunted by his own
    people, he turns to the animals of the
    forest for help.
    Brother Bear is technically impressive,
    with some stunning CGI-enhanced
    animation of stampedes and avalanches.
    Nonetheless, it is still formulaic, heartless
    movie-making. With its Phil Collins and
    Tina Turner songs, politically correct
    messages about family and selfconfidence,
    and lame reliance on
    anachronistic humour, Brother Bear is a
    good example of why Disney's reputation
    is in the can and rivals like Pixar are
    beating them hands down. This might
    entertain four-year-old slapstick fans, but
    adults looking for the sort of animated
    enjoyment provided by Toy Story and
    Shrek, will be disappointed.

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