Born to Kill Review

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by AVForums Jun 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Kil is a young man that works for a criminal syndicate as a hired killer. His only companion is Chichi, a pet monkey. He spends his solitary days drifting around on his motorcycle, waiting for the next contract. One evening he finds a girl collapsed on the street and helps her home, and pretty soon he's besotted.

    This is a slow paced film with occasional bursts of action rather than an all out thriller. It ruminates on the isolated existence of a killer who gets the chance to change his way of life. Unfortunately, instead of being a meditative and striking portrait, like Jim Jarmusch's 'Ghostdog' or Beat Takeshi's 'Sonatine', this is just boring. This is a banal story that just limps along going nowhere. The aptly named Kil (Jang Hyun Soo) just smokes Marlboro's, eats noodles, chucks his loot in the fridge, and wanders about wearing sunglasses. (When will film hitmen learn that wearing sunglasses indoors actually draws attention to you?) He doesn't say much and doesn't look people in the eye. Cool, huh? Not really. He rides around on his bike (actually a rather nice Yamaha V-max, bike fans) until one day he bumps into a pretty lady, Suha (Eun-ha Shim) who brings him out of his shell. She doesn't know that he's a hitman, of course, until she's kidnapped by gangsters apparently upset that Kil wants to go straight. Or something. The story is so tedious and this particular transfer so bad that I couldn't tell what was going on at times. Even the subtitles are appalling, with rotten translation and spelling throughout. Oh dear, this is a poor affair.

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