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by AVForums Jun 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

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    Rubbish. The film opens with what should have been a nice tracking shot of Kil sitting on his bike at night smoking a cigarette (in the pouring rain, the oaf, but we'll let that slide). Instead of being smooth and silky, the shot sets the standard for the rest of the film being a juddery, murky mess showing motion trails and artefacts. The blacks are dreadful, and you can't make out anything that's not directly in the light. It's also a grainy mishmash of blur at times. Only scenes shot in broad daylight and containing no fast pans or camera moves are anywhere near okay.
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    The Dolby Stereo mix is average in quality, which is a relief compared to the quality of the picture. It's not very loud and there's not much in the way of effects. The mix isn't awful but it is pretty bland. This is obviously a budget release and they certainly didn't do anything to enhance the viewing experience in any way, and this includes audio.
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    A couple of sparse text pages (written only in Korean), and the trailer.
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    A run of the mill hitman movie that's low on thrills and has a dreadful transfer to boot. Avoid.
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