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by AVForums Mar 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

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    A wonderful transfer, fitting for such a great movie. With superb clarity throughout and not a hint of grain. Detail is stunning in even the darkest of scenes and black levels are exemplary with no sign of any artificial looking edge enhancement to be seen. Colours are vivid with rich, vibrant tones and deep brooding reds. A visual treat.
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    Quite possibly the best soundtrack you'll hear this year. Available in both DTS 6.1 Discrete or Dolby Digital 5.1 EX, this movie would not be complete without a stunning aural accompaniment and that's exactly what you get. Bass is phenomenal and goes to the very deepest depths, challenging even the most macho of subwoofers to deliver. Channel separation is, as you'd expect with a 6.1 discrete soundtrack, absolutely fantastic. You really do get that sense of being right bang in the middle of the action as effects fly all around you in a way that I've not heard in a while. All these crashes, bangs and wallops would be pointless if you couldn't hear what the actors were saying but have no fear. Voicing is superbly clear throughout and not once did I miss anything being said even during the more energetic moments. Brilliant.
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    A very thorough selection of extras with many having real interest. The obligatory 'Making of' documentary is split into seventeen chapters, yes, seventeen whole individual chapters which cover practically every single aspect of the movie from casting to the musical score to costumes and set designing all the way to enhancing the colour of blood used in the movie. Goyer on Goyer is an unusual take on the common interview with the Director interviewing the Writer who happens to be one in the same, David Goyer. Split screen effects has Mr Goyer sitting and discussing the movie with himself. The alternate ending is amusing and would certainly pave the way for some kind of spin off movie which there is talk of, but kind of ridiculed the movie somewhat and I can see why they left it out. The Bloopers section is mildly amusing but it's not hysterical. Finishing it off are some trailers for the movie and a gallery of stills. Oh I nearly forgot. There are also two audio commentaries - David Goyer with Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds and the other is David Goyer with the Producers, the Cinematographers, the Production Designer and Editor. The first is more entertaining, the second more informative. I'll let you decide which one you'd prefer.
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    Sequels are very rarely better than the original and this movie is no exception. But Blade Trinity is still a first class action/horror movie. It plays at breakneck speed from the word go and combines action, horror and some genuine humour along with special effects that have made the Blade series great. It should be commended for adding a fresh take on the first two movies whilst still keeping many of the aspects which made them the successes they were. Blade fans will love it, Comic book fans will love it, Action fans will love it.........I loved it!

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