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by Phil Hinton Jun 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

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    Blade Review
    Blade was born after his mother is bitten by a Vampire. Half human and half Vampire, Blade has all the powers of a Vampire and the compassion of a human. One of the side effects Blade uses to his advantage, is that he can with stand the daylight hence his nickname “Day Walker”. Blade is out to get revenge on all Vampires and is highly trained in martial arts and gun play, hunting down and destroying them. But a new Vampire Deacon, has taken over as leader and has plans for world domination, can Blade save the day?

    That might sound like a very short plot synopsis indeed, but that is the whole story to the movie. It doesn't set out to do anything in-depth or meaningful, just an hour and a half of great action set pieces, wire work and gun play, and it works very well indeed on that level. Based on a comic book, it sticks very much to that formula with our super hero wearing rubber and having all the toys to play with. He is an outcast not human, yet not Vampire and certainly never accepted by both. It is an all out action fest with some stunning visuals, and action set pieces.

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