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by AVForums Apr 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

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    The film was a medium budget affair, but you wouldn't know it from the classy photography on display. There are plenty of night club scenes in the film and these are presented brilliantly with deep blacks and no bleeding with the bright colours on display from lights and some garish fashions. The drab greyish colours of New York are clear as crystal, the day time scenes where one of the dance numbers is staged are bright and show no signs of bleeding. A nice transfer, Entertainment - thank you!!
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    Wow is the way I would describe the Dolby Digital mix. Full of big band numbers, Beyond the Sea has a truly magical soundtrack. All the instruments can be clearly heard around the surround set up. Dialogue is clear and comes mainly from the centre channel. Due to my love of big band music, I turned my system up and enjoyed a brilliant individual musical performance from Kevin Spacey. In fact I was so impressed, I have picked up the CD soundtrack and it's now playing in my car!!
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    “Bobby's World”: The Making of Beyond of Sea is an unfortunately short affair. However, it is packed with good quality interviews from cast and crew. They share their film making experiences about working with Spacey and we also get some behind the scenes footage thrown in for good measure. Spacey and producer, Andy Patterson provide an extremely thoughtful and informative commentary. They discuss the making of the film and also touch upon the complicated route the film took to make it to the screen.
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    Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant. Did I say this film was a brilliant piece of entertainment? Spacey has proved once again he is a fantastic talent (and a good singer and dancer as well). Definitely one for the collection.
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