Battlestar Galactica: Season 2.0 DVD Review

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by AVForums Jun 25, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    Battlestar Galactica: Season 2.0 DVD Review
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    This is identical to the Season 1 transfer I'd reviewed previously, so what I said then holds equally true here. Presented in anamorphic widescreen in a 1.78:1 ratio, this isn't a bad transfer. We have no obvious artifacting or edge enhancement, with some very bold and vivid colours and deep black levels. However, the colours can be over vivid in some areas, due to contrast enhancement deliberately used to create a feel of an alien world, so one has to keep this in mind when reviewing. For the most part the image is nicely detailed, but again, it is a fast moving show, with fast edits as well, so things don't tend to stand still for long either. I don't have any real criticism, but as with another show I've reviewed, it still isn't quite in the top tier of transfers, but is perfectly fine.

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    As the picture quality was identical, so is the sound. Again, it seems that the sound on most TV shows made in recent times has to have a Dolby 5.1 soundtrack and this is no exception. Dialogue is clear at all times and soundtrack wise, it's all perfectly competent, but I feel it lacked any real oomph to proceedings - indeed where I expected a large amount of LFE, I received very little, which to be honest took away from the experience. Still it does what it needs to, just don't expect anything spectacular.

    Battlestar Galactica: Season 2.0 Sound


    Almost all episodes have a “Podcast Commentary”, which are presented by the Executive Producer, Ronald Moore. Not a fan of the original commentary tracks, I skimmed these and while he is chatty and full of information, I found it a little tiring to hear from the same person continually. Other than that, there are plenty of deleted scenes for almost every episode, although these are non-anamorphic and will appeal to major fans of the show.

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    In one sense, this is a shaky start to a season that looks like it will get considerably better, judging by the later episodes in this boxset. I still have a few criticisms regarding certain characters (Apollo for one), but others are becoming more rounded and have improved since Season 1. Still, I look forward to the other half of the episodes and hope than the momentum shown in the final 3 episodes here continues.

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