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by AVForums Nov 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Bad Santa DVD Review
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    While this is perfectly adequate, it's not the best I've seen. The worst part of the disk is when it starts you can clearly see some artifacting against the black background. However, it is better throughout the movie, as this was the only time I noticed artefacts. But, there are some signs of haloing and colour bleed, but conversely it isn't particularly grainy and the detail is generally very high. Colours are spot on, flesh tones are nicely handled, with some particularly vivid reds (as noted) but they do suffer. I can't recommend this as a reference disk, but then it is perfectly adequate and not the worst disk ever.
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    Unimaginative, but functional. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times that comedy movies rarely have a reference quality soundtrack and this is proved yet again here. Dialogue is perfectly clear throughout, which is the single most important thing for this movie, with music being ably supported at the front. Rears are used rarely and for ambience primarily, but are ultimately unnoticeable. LFE is also rarely used, in fact I didn't notice it. But then, this is all immaterial as the important thing is the dialogue and it's clear as a bell.
    Bad Santa Sound


    You'd be forgiven to believe that there is an audio commentary, given the usual studio warnings at the beginning of this disk, but if there is one, it certainly wasn't found on the disk I had. So, first up we have 4 minutes of outtakes, which are the usual kind of blooper featuring the giggles. Nothing amazingly funny or outstanding I have to say. We then have 9 minutes of deleted/alternate scenes, which again don't add anything to the movie and it can be seen why they were removed. We then have a 9 ½ minute making of which is very EPK-esque, where everyone waxes lyrical about the movie, the script and the co-stars and it all seems so shallow and repetitive, but at least it's short. Finally we have trailers for “Suspect Zero” and “White Chicks”.
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    I don't care much that the picture or sound quality is distinctively average, the movie is just wonderfully funny because it isn't sickly, condescending and vomit inducing unlike every other Christmas movie ever made. As stated, I can't stand any other Christmas movie, heck I only watched the Polar Express because it was on a 3D Imax screen (and I was bored) but Billy Bob as the complete antithesis of Santa is superb and anyone who like black comedy should love this, but if swearing offends you, you may want to look at something a little less edgy like the Care Bears movie. Anyone else will have a scream with this.
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