Azdome DAB211 Dashcam Video Review

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Cheap, easy to use, but a bit rough around the edges

by Greg Hook Nov 15, 2017 at 6:53 AM

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    Azdome DAB211 Dashcam Video Review
    SRP: £60.00

    What is the Azdome DAB211?

    If you’ve ever watched those cash for crash videos on YouTube or seen them in the news, you will know why dashcams are now very popular. With budget models available from under £50 to several hundred for the top of the range models, dashcams are an excellent way of protecting yourselves from the scammers, but also a great help in the event of an accident, or for just recording other people’s awful driving and then posting it to YouTube for all to see.

    Available for around £60 the Azdome DAB211 dashcam offers an impressive specification and a good array of features. With up to 1440P HDR recording at 30FPS, GPS, G-sensor, parking mode, motion detection and a driver safety warning system, it seems to offer everything you might need at a very low price, with possibly safety camera warnings being the only notable omission. But can this really do all it promises at such a low price?

    Read on and watch our video review as we put the Azdome DAB211 through its paces.


    Detailed Specifications:
    • Camera: Ov4689, 4 Mega Pixels. 150° ultra wide angle
    • Recording: Quad HD (2560 x 1440P) 30FPS HDR
    • Capacity: Micro SD Card up to 64GB capacity
    • Recording Modes: Continuous Recording, Incident Recording, Manual Recording
    • Road Safety Warning System: Lane Departure, Front Collision, Front Vehicle Departure, Over speed warning
    • Sensor: G-Sensor
    • GPS: Embedded GPS

    Dashcam Viewer PC Software

    The viewer software can either be downloaded from AZDome’s website, or can be installed from the camera itself when connected to a PC. It’s not the greatest looking piece of software but is functional enough. It doesn’t include features we’ve seen in previous reviews such as being able to update the dashcam’s settings via the software for ease of us, but it does show G sensor activity, speed and compass setting.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t show the location, as the maps area does not load, and instead gives you a warning that you are not using a browser that is supported by GoogleMaps Javascript API. Nothing you can do about that as it is clearly a fault in the software and it doesn’t run in a browser that you can alter.

    Azdome DAB211 Dashcam Viewer PC Software


    OUT OF


    • Good value
    • High specifications
    • 1440P HDR
    • Easy to setup and use


    • Not very helpful driver safety features
    • No safety camera warnings
    • No microSD card included in the box
    • PC viewer software a bit clunky
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    Azdome DAB211 Dashcam Video Review

    At around £60 the Azdome DAB211 on paper offers a pretty tasty array of features and a high specification – including 1440P HDR recording at 30FPS, GPS, G-sensor, parking mode and a whole host of driver safety features. Although one notable omission is a safety camera warning system.

    It was easy to install and setup and, apart from a micro SD card, came with everything you might need including a choice of suction or adhesive mounts. In optimal daylight the recordings were of an excellent quality, but it did fall down in less than perfect lighting, especially at night when the glare from streetlamps or oncoming cars were a particular distraction.

    As with most of the dashcams we have reviewed recently with driver safety features, they are far more of an annoyance than any help, which is the case here. So they are best turned off which, funnily enough, even the instruction manual with it's rather poorly translated English recommends you do.

    The DAB211 is clearly aimed at the budget market. It’s not the cheapest Chinese camera you will find but we would question whether those widely available for under £30 are actually any good at all. If you are not looking to spend a fortune but still want a decent specification and features and are happy to compromise in a few areas then the Azdome DAB211 is certainly one to consider but just misses out on a badge.

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £60.00

    The Rundown

    Build Quality


    Ease of Use




    Video Image Quality


    Value for Money




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