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by AVForums Jan 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    It's been three years since Austin Powers (Mike Myers) last faced and defeated the nefarious Dr Evil (Mike Myers). Now, Evil has reared his ugly head again, and Austin must travel to 1975 to rescue his father (Michael Caine), who has been kidnapped by the diabolical Goldmember (Mike Myers).

    As far plot goes, that is about it for this third episode in the Austin Powers series of spy spoofs. Instead, the film really an extended series of comedy vignettes roughly stitched together (director Jay Roach deserves credit for pulling it together so cohesively). Nobody ever came to these films looking for a story, what really matters are the jokes, and its here that the film triumphs - sure many fall flat, but the pace is so fast that another, funnier gag will be along in seconds.

    While new characters Goldmember and Foxxy Cleopatra do little to impress, the addition of Michael Caine's Nigel Powers to the series is a masterstroke, and his repartee with Myers is simply divine.

    My only wish is that the series goes no further. Sure, it was fun while it lasted, but you can't help think that the joke would be stretched too far by further offerings. At the end of the day Goldmember does a great job of feeling like the final part of a trilogy (think Return of the Jedi with lots of gags about seamen).

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