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by AVForums Jun 19, 2008 at 12:00 AM

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    Anger Management Blu-ray Review
    SRP: £17.99


    Even though the film itself is nothing much to look at the same cannot be said for the video and this BluRay disc has some fine qualities. It's comes at 2.40:1 using the MPEG-4/AVC coded and obviously encoded at 1080p. The majority of the film is well presented and well transfered onto disc with no signs of noise, blocking, gradients or enhancement. Colours are strong and vivid with a wide palette but if I were to lay some criticism here it would be the skin tones which are a little too red at times.

    Contrast is excellent with shadow areas coming across well, details still on show in some of the corners of Sandler's kitchen, the dark streets of New York coming across particularly well bathed in the neon glow of advertising. Brighter scenes though are the order of the day and these are lush and vivid and most scenes, but not all, reflecting that wow factor we know and love from recent BluRay transfers. Sandler's kitchen, and Nicholson eating breakfast in that kitchen really pop out at you and these scenes offer up a wealth of detail from the bricks on the wall to the utensils under the large table.

    These brighter scenes show no sign of blooming from the whites and they stay pretty crisp within their borders. There is some level of grain in a few of the scenes but nothing to shake your head at but combined with the saturation mentioned earlier then they are enough to being this very fine transfer down a peg or two. It's good and it's more than watchable with enough to keep your eye on; it's just that in these modern BluRay days there are better examples out there.

    Anger Management Picture


    English speaking viewers have the choice of an ADS service or an underused Dolby Digital 5.1 TrueHD offering. It's not as though the film itself allows for bombastic LFE or extensive surround use because it would be out of place. In saying that there is some ambiance created in certain scenes, chatter from the hookers whilst cruising the streets, planes at the airport, vehicles in the streets of NY.

    LFE though is almost completely absent apart from a few brief snippets during some heavy braking on the Queenshore Bridge. In the main Anger Management is a dialogue driven film and that's where it focuses its attention. Vocals are routed in the center never once missing a beat; so you'll never miss that odd joke that's told throughout the 105 minutes.

    There is some light background score which pads out the fronts a little but there are some injected musical elements from Blondie and Santana which really add depth and vitality to this feature. The track does what it needs to and not much more.

    Anger Management Sound


    • Commentary with Adam Sandler and director Peter Segal.

      This is an enjoyable enough commentary and if truth be told funnier in my own opinion than the film itself. The two have a good rapport with each other carrying the commentary forward with personal thoughts and ideas on the film. It covers the basics, the location, the actors and the friends of actors who starred in this film.

    • Skull Sessions & My Buddy Jack Featurettes. - 0:22:01

      Cast and crew have their alloted time on screen to discuss production, costumes, writing and ultimately the premise of the movie. There are a few outtakes shown and considering there is a gag reel to follow perhaps this wasn't the best use of their time. There's an interesting small section on filming in the Yankees baseball stadium with 3500 extras. Apart from that it's pretty much a standard EPK with a good slap on the back Nicholson section for good measure.

    • Deleted Scenes. - 0:10:20

      3 additional scenes which thankfully never made it into the final cut. One of Sandler buying a chocolate bar at the airport and again showing his complete lack of backbone, the car journey to the Queenshore Bridge and an extended trip to see Nicholson's bed ridden mother. These have been relegated to editor's hell and there they must remain; they don't add anything to the film, the characters nor do they offer up any laughs.

    • Gag Reel. - 0:05:36

      The usual collection of filming laughs, missed lines and general bloopers. I was actually hoping this would be funnier than the main feature but even this let me down somewhat.

    • Trailer.

      A single trailer for 50 First Dates.

    Not a great extras package either really. A standard commentary which admittedly does have some amusing moments but the rest are fly by night affairs, not that interesting and not really giving any insight into the characters or the writing. Nicholson is absent from all input here and that in itself probably says it all.
    Anger Management Extras


    You can take or leave Adam Sandler and judging from this and some of his earlier works I'll take the latter I think. Nicholson on the other hand you always have to give some credit and usually give him a watch. He's far better than this though, even in a comedic role. This was beneath his abilities and the fact that he is MIA from the Extras package speaks volumes.

    The video is acceptable and the audio covers the bases but don't be expecting anything that'll make you pick your jaw up off the floor. As stated unless you're a complete Sandler nut then perhaps a rental is best for this. Have a few beers beforehand and who knows you might find it more amusing than I did.

    Anger Management Verdict

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £17.99

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