After The Sunset: Platinum Series DVD Review

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by AVForums Apr 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    After The Sunset: Platinum Series DVD Review


    Picture quality on this transfer was excellent, as you would expect. There were a couple of scenes that had a slightly saturated look to them but other than that quality was maintained throughout.

    It is becoming harder to notice imperfections on most new releases now as they generally all seem to have more care given to the transfer process. Encoding deficiencies only seem to creep in where a disc has been crammed to the brim with extras leaving little space for an adequate representation of the film. Even this in itself is a rarity now with two (and even three) disc versions of films being available to accommodate all the extras, leaving the optimum space for the main feature. Of course this will all change again soon with the advent of high definition television and the wealth of super sized displays on the market that demand a higher resolution of picture.

    That being said, this disc is full of extras but doesn't suffer at all during the main feature. The extras themselves display noise and compression artefacts in places, but this is certainly the better balance to have. After all, how many times are you going sit through the extras compared to the film.
    After The Sunset: Platinum Series Picture


    Sound is up to scratch and is full of detail. The gentle lapping of the sea can be heard panning round the speakers in the beach scenes along with the great Caribbean music that accompanies the visuals. Whilst I am no steel drum fan I have to say I really enjoyed the soundtrack played throughout. There were some great uplifting tracks that gave me the feeling of sun and holidays!
    After The Sunset: Platinum Series Sound


    A great collection of extras here. My favourites are here too with the blooper reel. Every DVD should contain this one as it's great to see the cast having a good laugh whilst filming and great to see them mess lines up! My other favourite is here too, the behind the scenes documentary. This is presented as 'Before, During and After The Sunset' and details from conception right through to the premiere and aftermath of the film. This runs for just over an hour and is definitely a must see viewing for fans of the film-making process. I really enjoyed this piece and rate it as one of the best extras I've seen.

    A number of other extras are here as well which were less entertaining but never-the-less fun to have included on the disc. There is an interview with the director and a real life jewel thief. An interview with the main cast and the director on 'The Charlie Rose' show, which I presume is some famous media mogul in America. I have to say I found this a little boring and it didn't really hold my attention. Then there is the usual feature commentary with the director, producer and editor.

    This disc is put together very well and I wish every disc would have this detail of extras on it. Bloopers ought to be a mandatory extra for DVD along with 'The Making Of ......'!
    After The Sunset: Platinum Series Extras


    A thoroughly enjoyable movie. If you are a fan of heist movies then you will enjoy this one. I was quite surprised, as I actually don't remember it being at the cinema so I had not heard anything about it until it dropped through my letterbox for review.

    As a complete package, it is well put together. A good number of extras for those out there who like to see behind the scenes and a top transfer, both audibly and visually, make this a good disc to add to your collection

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