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The story follows a well-trodden path

by Simon Crust Mar 29, 2016 at 5:01 PM

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    Vault of Horror Review
    Five men enter an elevator, but it does not stop when it reaches the ground, it descends further to the sub-basement. When the door opens they find themselves in a crypt, with nothing better to do they sit and tell of their dreams, in which each befalls some horror. But where are they, and why are their stories so rich in horror – what has ultimately befallen them?

    Amicus productions, the only serious contender to Hammer in the British horror scene, once more bring together a collection of stories in an anthology with a who’s who of British acting talent, this time told by ‘Tales of the Crypt’ writers Al Feldstein and William M. Gaines, and helming the whole project, celebrated director Roy Ward Baker.

    The narrative may be formulaic, but the stories themselves are quite unique, even if, over time, they have become somewhat trite and predictable. Budget, as always, is a limiting factor and this shows in the obvious make-up and blood effects; however the lighting, set-up and storylines are extremely well handled and there is an overall sense of unease throughout the whole film, with each story building on the last in terms of tension and horror. Indeed there is not a bad one amongst them, with perhaps the tie-together being the weakest link. In the hierarchy of horror anthologies this one sits above average towards the top, and it has Tom Baker in it; what more could you ask?

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