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The overall lack of focus is confusing and alienating

by Simon Crust Jun 29, 2015 at 3:39 PM

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    The Voices Review
    Jerry Hickfang is a really nice guy; friendly, a little shy, but polite and generous. He also has a secret: a dark past that has him in therapy and on drugs to keep him stable. Unfortunately, Jerry doesn’t like taking the drugs, he’d much rather live in his fantasy world where he is never alone due to the conversations he has with his pets. But worse still, when an accident occurs and Jerry chooses a difficult path, his hallucinations egg him on and suddenly his life is spiralling out of control. He does not see himself as a bad man, nor making bad choices, rather he is in a difficult place with no-one to turn to but himself and he is his own worst enemy!

    Reportedly held on the 2009 ‘Blacklist’ of most liked unmade films, The Voices has been brought to life by director Marjane Satrapi, writer Michael R. Perry and stars Ryan Reynolds in the title role. Now I like Reynolds both as an actor and as an interviewee (he was great on Top Gear) and he does very well in the role bringing that calm, likeable, nurturing but out-of-his-depth characterisation that the film needs. Satrapi directs with a sure hand and the supporting cast are terrific. However the film is all over the place with its tone and moral compass. Yes it is a black comedy but its overall lack of focus in what it is trying to say and singular view point leads to it alienating the audience due to confusion on loyalties. The gruesome gore back to back with attempts at comedy don’t quite gel either. Whist the idea, scope, characters and direction are good, the end result is confused and ultimately boring.

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