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You know what you are going to get

by Simon Crust Feb 1, 2016 at 10:31 AM

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    The Green Inferno Review
    When a group of Eco-warriors (read college student activists) on route home from disrupting a planned deforestation and tribal extermination crash land in the jungle, the natives, thinking they are part of the industrialists, trap them and begin to torture and eat their captives.

    This easy, one line synopsis, neatly sums up all the events in Eli Roth’s latest escapade into ‘Torture Porn’, the languished-in-distribution-hell: The Green Inferno, the director’s homage to the cannibal sub-genre of horror movies that proliferated in the early 80’s. And in essence that is exactly what he has delivered; a film that would have sat quite happily in the 80’s, been banned as a ‘Video Nasty’ gained huge notoriety because of it, and thus sought after by hungry-for-horror teens, only to be disappointed at the eventual outcome of the film.

    Inferno is very simply; despite all the socio-political spoutings peppered throughout, the film wears it’s gore happily on its sleeve; it’s a cannibal film and includes all the tropes of the genre; it even has time for a few laughs (even if a few are unintentional – gotta love the arrow in the head!). And, I guess, that is the biggest flaw with the piece; yes it delivers on what it promises – but that is all it does. There is nothing new added the mix, nothing different, so the film is very, very predictable; set the dominoes up and watch them get chewed up as they fall. The protagonist is going to be tested, reach their tethers end, but get away, the ‘evil-guy’ is going to get his comeuppance and everyone else is just cannon fodder. The setup is groan inducing, the jeopardy obvious, but at least the pay-off is suitably gloopy. However with little or no investment into any of the characters, you end up wanting to see more carnage rather than rooting for their escape as there is no emotion associated with the characters, let alone their situation (save the main girl who really should have known better). In the end, you know what you are going to get, and if that’s your bag, so be it.

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