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LG's affordable 65" still looks appealing

by Ed Selley Jan 11, 2018 at 3:52 AM

  • SRP: £2,799.00
    The extra ten inches of screen that the 65B8V OLED has over its 55 inch brother commands a reasonable price premium but this remains the most affordable big screen OLED on the market. The B Series does without some of the bells and whistles of the more expensive members of LG’s 2018 OLED range but there is still a lot here to like.

    The most significant difference between the B Series and the other 2018 models is the picture processing. The older processor from the 2017 models, now called the Alpha 7 is retained here. However LG has added support for Technicolor HDR in addition to Dolby Vision, HLG and HDR10. You also get the AutoCal CalMAN calibration software by SpectraCal which should greatly aid the accuracy and speed of the setup possible with the set at home. In terms of user functionality, you now get the ThinQ AI system which enables voice control integration with Google, Siri and Alexa allowing the 55B8V to become part of a network of voice controlled, interconnected items.

    The design of the B Series doesn’t radically break any new ground over the preceding models but this is still a nice piece of industrial design. The ‘Blade Slim’ look keeps things nice and thin but you still get support for Dolby Atmos from the on board speakers.

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £2,799.00

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