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I see it as a great excuse for sci-fi horror mystery

by Simon Crust Jan 30, 2015 at 8:00 AM

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    Honeymoon Review
    Ah, newly wedded bliss, a discreet woodland retreat and a nearby lake – what could go wrong?

    Honeymoon is first time director Leigh Janiak’s comment on relationships or an excuse for a sci-fi horror mystery; either way the film is easy watching and contains enough to keep you entertained.

    The premise is very simply: Bea (Rose Leslie) and Paul (Harry Treadaway) are very newlyweds but know each other very intimately; one night, while on their honeymoon in a secluded cabin by a lake, Bea is discovered naked and disorientated in the woods and even though she claims she is fine, over the next few days her behaviour becomes distant and strange until a confrontation with her husband is inevitable – the revelation of which neither can believe nor understand.

    Anyone who has seen a horror film will understand the premise and/or location and the way Janiak, paces, lights and directs the action there is absolutely no doubt where the film is heading. This is by no means a criticism, indeed I found it quite refreshing with its ‘stripped to the bone’ filming style. The chemistry between the two leads is amazing, they behave like newlyweds (unable to keep away from each other) and their dialogue is always natural and believable. Their actions always have consequence and are always justified. There are some nice moments, some gory moments, some mysterious moments and some grisly moments, all of which flow nicely together.

    In fact there is little to fault with the film as it rattles along and it's mysterious enough to intrigue. The premise, while clichéd, works well in the context and I just love the dark outcome. Some look at it as a comment on relationships and how far they go; I just see it as a great excuse for a sci-fi horror mystery.

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