The Harry Hill Movie Blu-ray Review

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The set presents a stunning transfer and sound mix, both of which far outshine the material they garnish

by Simon Crust Mar 26, 2014 at 5:04 PM

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    The Harry Hill Movie Blu-ray Review
    SRP: £24.99

    The Harry Hill Movie Blu-ray Review

    Some films are meant to emote and inspire. Others mean no ill. But worst of all, beyond all else, is that of Harry Hill.

    Harry Hill’s sense of humour can best be described as irreverent, and while he has largely eschewed the stand-up routines for TV presenting, in his own inimitable style, much of which is commenting on, or making humour out of, other material, it is where he is at his best. He draws on a large array of ‘cuddly toys’ with which to send a joke well over the top, and within the confines of a TV studio and the standard layout of the shows, this works well. Where it doesn’t work - clearly doesn’t work – is in drawing out a feature length film from what is a one sentence ‘joke’: taking a dying hamster to Blackpool. For that is the entire plot, story and drive behind what must be one of the worst films it has ever been my misfortune to watch and I’m counting anything by Uwe Boll here!
    Directed by respected TV comedy director Steve Bendelack, the film actually looks quite good, is reasonably well structured, has a good pace, with the set pieces and songs that are well linked – so what is wrong with the film is its complete lack of engagement with the audience. It has a script so weak, so predictable and so frustratingly awful that you have to wonder how it was even considered, let alone green lit to make! Jokes are flat, the story is boring, characters are annoying and the whole thing is drab and awful (despite the gaudy colour scheme and respected character actors – Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent for God’s sake – making cameos).

    Honestly, do yourself a favour and please ignore this film for nothing of interest lies within.

    What is The Harry Hill Movie Blu-ray Picture Quality

    The Harry Hill Movie What is The Harry Hill Movie Blu-ray Picture Quality

    The disc presents a theatrically correct 2.35:1 1080p transfer using the AVC MPEG4 codec and is Region locked to B.

    Disregarding the film, there is nothing wrong at all with the video presentation; detail is quite excellent with skin texture, clothing weaves, the (fake) hamster hair are all present and correct. Background detail is also well catered for, with the various knick knacks in Nan’s house as well as her crocheted car holding edges very well. Establishing shots too are exemplary in their presentation with the beaches and overlooking shots of Blackpool showing no signs of softening.

    Disregarding the film, there is nothing wrong at all with the video presentation

    Colours, too, are outstanding. Given the over the top, plush, colour scheme where every pastel colour is catered for and every one is bold, strong and vibrant; pinks, sky blues and yellows have seldom looked so solid and textured. Skin tones are pushed a bit far towards the pink but it’s all within the stylised nature of the film.

    Brightness and contrast are set to give excellent blacks that add punch and depth to the picture. Native blacks are deep exhibiting decent shadow detail when called upon, check out the villain’s lair for examples.

    Digitally there are no compression problems or edge enhancement, though the odd bout of banding was occasionally visible. The print is clean as a whistle as it should be with such a modern movie. A picture clearly not worthy of its subject matter.

    What is The Harry Hill Movie Blu-ray Sound Quality

    The Harry Hill Movie What is The Harry Hill Movie Blu-ray Sound Quality

    Just the one sound track; English dts-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround, and it’s a doozy! Much like the picture, this surround mix sounds as if it belongs to a different film; it’s that good! Dialogue is clear, coherent and dominated by the frontal array, though there is directionality when needed. In fact he dialogue is quite dominant, especially the looping and the various songs (much like his TV Burp show). Talking of which the songs make full use of the surround environment and demonstrate decent dynamic range. Bass is well used to underscore all the effects and action, but never really plumbs the full depths. Surrounds are used throughout adding to the ambience and effects. The many set pieces can have some terrific effects, the boxing match, for example, has a terrific sense of being in the centre of the ring with the crowds bellowing around, while the sub adds some heavy weight to the punches being delivered. Effects come thick and fast and enhance the visuals with their pin point accuracy.In all a terrific mix that places you in the centre of the action.

    The Harry Hill Movie Blu-ray Extras

    The Harry Hill Movie The Harry Hill Movie Blu-ray Extras
    Mercifully none.

    Is The Harry Hill Movie Blu-ray Worth Buying

    The Harry Hill Movie Is The Harry Hill Movie Blu-ray Worth Buying

    Harry Hill needs to stick to what he knows and does best – commenting on TV where his irreverence and silly antics seem to work well. Extending this comedy persona to the Big Screen and extending a single line ‘joke’ into a feature film simply does not work. The story (true if you believe the credits!) tells of Harry and his Nan, taking their pet hamster to Blackpool as he has been diagnosed terminally ill. On the way Harry’s evil twin brother tries to capture the wee thing to make it a centre piece for his model village. Packed with recognisable faces, great character actor cameos and directed with some decent flair – nothing can save what is a God awful film on just about every level. The story is trite and boring, the acting is over the top and ridiculous, the script is awful and the whole thing is predictable, frustrating and just plain TV smashingly annoying that anyone who sits to watch it will inevitably wish for a brain aneurism just for blessed relief!I implore you, ignore this film.

    Nothing can save what is a God awful film on just about every level

    And to add to the frustration, this Blu-ray set presents a stunning transfer and sound mix, both of which far outshine the material they garnish.The picture is bright, detailed and richly coloured with dense and 3D popping blacks, while the surround mix is enveloping, effects laden and enriches the visuals. Mercifully there are no extras as I couldn’t take any more. But it doesn’t matter as no one should be looking at this disc anyway, even children will find nothing of interest here. Coaster material if ever there was!

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £24.99

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