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by AVForums Aug 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    24: Season Three DVD Review
    SRP: £49.99


    When it comes to picture quality
    for the 24: Season Three DVD Collection,
    it's on a par with the previous releases,
    which is to say it's up there with the very
    best television material on DVD. Each of
    the 24 episodes is presented
    anamorphically at 1.78:1 and capably
    demonstrates the show's high production
    values. The source material is pristine,
    without any trace of blemishes or
    scratches, while the colour separation and
    black levels are absolutely spot-on. As
    with the previous releases, there is some
    grain evident in transfer, but as this has
    been present in all of the seasons to date
    and isn't in any way intrusive, we suspect
    that it is not a result of the DVD encoding
    and instead is an intentional decision by
    the filmmakers.


    Following on from the excellent
    Season Two collection (rather than Season
    One, which only offered Dolby 2.0
    Surround audio), the third season comes
    equipped with a Dolby Digital 5.1 audio
    mix. As an action-orientated series, 24
    makes much more use of the surrounds
    than your average television series and the
    dynamic nature of the original broadcast
    mix is expanded wonderfully in the 5.1
    remix. The series features a myriad of
    spatial effects in the surround speakers
    and plenty of deep rumbling bass,
    rendering the audio as aggressive an
    experience as the show itself.


    It's not quite as packed as the
    24: Season Two DVD Collection, but this
    latest release still offers up a fine selection
    of extras. Across the course of the six
    discs you will find 22 deleted scenes that
    can be viewed individually, or integrated
    back into the episodes in question, and
    six episode commentaries. Episode
    Three's commentary features
    writer/producer Howard Gordon and
    Kiefer Sutherland, Episode Five's track is
    provided by director Jon Cassar, writer
    Evan Katz and actor Riley Smith, Episode
    Ten's has input from Howard Gordon and
    actress Sarah Clarke, Episode 13's
    commentary features series creator/cowriter
    Joel Surnow and actress Mary Lynn
    Rajskub, Episode 17's offer input from cowriter/
    producer Robert Cochran and
    actors Reiko Aylesworth and Carlos
    Bernard and Episode 22's is by producer
    Tim Iacofano, plus actors Carlos Bernard
    and James Badge Dale.
    The remaining extra features are housed
    on the sixth disc. Here you'll find a 36-
    minute documentary entitled 24: On the
    Loose, a seven-minute Boys and Their
    Toys featurette, a 24-minute Biothreat:
    Beyond the Series featurette and a multiangle
    scene study.


    Easily one of the must-have DVD releases of the
    year. If you haven't ever bothered with the series
    then do yourself a favour and pick up all three of
    the superb DVD Collections right now.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £49.99

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