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by AVForums Aug 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    24 Review
    There's nothing better than getting an
    entire season of a TV show on DVD.
    No more trying to remember to watch/tape
    an episode every week and no more long
    waits between episodes. And no series
    benefits from this more than 24, the highconcept
    real-time action/intrigue series
    from 20th Century Fox.
    Set three years after the events of
    Season Two, 24: Season Three kicks off
    at 1.00pm with a dead body being
    deposited outside the LA Health Unit, and
    after careful examination it's discovered
    that the body was infected with a deadly
    virus. While this is going on, Special Agent
    Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and his
    new partner Chase Edmunds (James
    Badge Dale) are at a high security
    prison visiting Ramon Salazar
    (Joaquim de Almeida), a drug lord
    Jack recently brought to justice after
    working undercover inside their
    operation. During questioning,
    Salazar issues a mysterious warning
    at Jack before killing his lawyer.
    It isn't long before Tony
    Almeida (Carlos Bernard), who
    now heads up the LA division of
    CTU, and the rest of his team
    discover that the infected body is
    all part of a blackmail tactic to
    release Salazar. To make matters
    even more complicated, the threat comes
    on the same day that a running-for-reelection
    President David Palmer (Dennis
    Haysbert) is in LA for a debate, Jack has a
    secret heroin addiction after his time
    undercover, and his daughter Kim (Elisha
    Cuthbert), who now works at CTU, is
    secretly dating Chase.
    Whew! And that's just the events of the
    first hour. We're not going to say
    anything else about the plot of
    Season Three because, as follows
    of the previous runs will know, this
    is a series that thrives on its
    unpredictable nature. What we
    will say is that if, like us, you
    don't have access to Sky One
    and have been missing out
    on following this series as it
    has been broadcast in the
    UK, don't pay any
    attention to those who
    claim that the third season
    is something of a letdown.
    Having watched the entire
    run now, we can safely say that this year hits the ground running and the
    last half of the series rivals anything 24
    has ever given audiences before.
    Even more impressive is the way this
    season builds upon what occurred in the
    previous years. While Season Two
    floundered slightly in trying to give the
    drama a wider scope and create personal
    drama for all of the characters, the writers
    have realised that the same effect is
    possible and more manageable by having
    the characters battle against their inner
    demons. Jack's heroin dependency may
    be a little out of the blue, but it functions
    magnificently as a method of externalising
    the scars he carries after the events of the
    previous two seasons. Similarly, Kim no
    longer has to put herself into ridiculous
    situations to grow as a character. Instead
    we get to see her develop within the
    confines of the CTU building. Her fears for
    both Jack and Chase are what gives us
    sympathy for Kim, rather than just
    observing her blundering into more idiotic
    situations episode after episode.
    So there you have it, an excellent series
    with incredible production design, superb
    performances, unpredictable plotting, an
    unrelenting pace and, this year at least,
    no bloody cougars.

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