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2046 DVD Review

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by AVForums Jun 1, 2005

    2046 DVD Review
    SRP: £9.91


    Presented in 2:35:1 anamorphic widescreen, 2046 has a beautiful look which is complemented by the encoding on the disc. The film features bright vibrant colours on the CGI scenes, dark deep blacks on some character scenes and throughout the film we are treated to different splashes of colour. The DVD handles these well with the blacks particularly deep and no sign of artefact problems. As a character based film with plenty of close-ups on the actors, one would hope that the picture has good skin tones. It certainly has, in particular the ladies come out looking very beautiful.
    2046 Picture


    Presented in Cantonese and Mandarin, the dialogue from the centre channel is clear. Some of the film's actors have distinct voices and these stand out well against the rest of the film. Even though I couldn't understand what was said, the tones of Tony Leung and others were easily recognisable. The music as I mentioned above is awesome and is generously presented around the full surround set-up. In fact although, the film wasn't my cup of tea, I have however picked up the soundtrack as it is a brilliant piece of musical composition.
    2046 Sound


    Just a trailer and two screen with credits on (written in Chinese)
    2046 Extras


    Like I said, the film has its champions, just not me I'm afraid.

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