13 Going on 30 Review

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by AVForums Aug 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    13 Going on 30 Review
    Jennifer Garner's movie career goes from strength to strength it seems, and I think the talented beauty does herself no harm by taking the lead role in 13 Going On 30. Ms. Garner plays thirty year old Jenna Rink who is transformed from a geeky thirteen year old by way of a wish (how else?!), into a, still geeky, beautiful mature woman, and editor of Poise magazine. The boy she slighted back in school now holds the key to her heart, but Matt Flamhaff, played by Mark Ruffalo in an ever so slightly different role from his In The Cut detective persona, has a fiancée and is about to be married. With Poise being beaten to the punch by rival magazine Sparkle, Jenna finds herself thrown in at deep end - can she save her career and put right everything that's wrong in her personal life? I'll give you a clue... she doesn't get hit by a New York cab and lose the use of both legs!

    13 Going On 30 is a Big style movie... and one that should be watched by those men out there that have upset their women - place this DVD in your player, snuggle up on the sofa, and - just for once - relent with the latest actioner and watch this luvvy duvvy fluff. Come on - you know it makes sense!

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