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by AVForums Aug 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    13 Going On 30 DVD Review
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    There's a lot on this single disc release, and perhaps unsurprisingly it seems there is a price to pay and the anamorphically enhanced 1.85:1 image is satisfactory, but no more. Colours are vibrant and almost '60s psychedelic in style, but there's softness to proceedings and video noise is noticeable - as is edge enhancement. Overall though 13 Going On 30 has been given a satisfactory transfer that is perfectly in keeping with the nature of the movie.
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    And it's more of the same audio wise; as would no doubt be expected this is a very dialogue driven movie and as such the use of rear speakers is virtually nil... in fact I don't think my surround speakers were utilised during the whole movie! Dialogue is always clear and good use is made of the front soundstage - it's just that the Dolby Digital 5.1 (458Kbps) , rich and detailed as it is here, really isn't a surround sound experience at all!
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    With eighteen deleted scenes the supplemental features list is nothing if not lengthy! Personally I thought all but one of the scenes pretty much deserved to either be adapted or end up as they have... deleted! Pick of the bunch for me was Junk Food, which I felt genuinely added a touch of depth to Garner's character and pulled things nicely together.

    At around nineteen minutes long Making Of A Teen Dream is a fun and interesting look behind the scenes of the movie and well worth a watch.I was looking forward to the Bloopers section, but in all honesty I didn't laugh once.For the youngsters out there Fun And Games includes a virtual 80's outfit challenge and a memory game.

    All in all there's a fair few supplemental features that will, I'm sure, be enjoyed by 13 Going On 30's target audience.
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    This is a movie for all you softies out there. If you're a die hard action fan... well, what are you doing even reading this review?! It seems from Alias to Elektra with 13 Going On 30 in between Jennifer Garner is a star in the making. Definitely worth at least a rental.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £28.95

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