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by AVForums Jul 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

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    As Time Capsule is a collection of music videos mainly from the 80's, picture quality suffers. Anyone who watches older TV series (or music videos) will recognise lens trails and a furring of detail, making the picture overly soft. Grain is present too, though on some content such anomalies are deliberate. The bonus tracks, however, are actually not bad only technical aspects of the time, such as blue screen chroma keying, standing out.
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    Considering the era, the sound of this disc is certainly better than I suspected. DD5.1 offers a good range albeit within the musical ilk presented. Rear effects are modest but effective and vocals are always clear standing out from of surrounding instruments and effects. Judged in a contemporary frame there is still a lack of high frequency shine and overall tightness in both tracks, hence the score.
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    Not really extras per se, but the bonus tracks are of a higher quality than the rest of the disc and, apparently, have never been seen before. Still, this is pretty miserly, especially if you are a fan.
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    Time Capsule presents a plain inoffensive kind of music that is played and sung well with comparatively good on disc sound. I can't help but feel that a few pertinent extras, such as why Natalie Merchant split from the band in '93, or insight into some of the more penetrating videos, would have spruced up this release. As it stands this is a mediocre disc with not a great deal to recommend beyond the groups fanbase.
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