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  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch Game

    Release Date: December 2018

    Nintendo's fighting game adds two new protangonists and features all the characters from the previous iterations of Super Smash Bros too, though you may have to unlock them or add them as DLC as you battle through. It has 75 stages from across the entire franchise and will also support GameCube controllers. More

  • Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Switch Game

    SRP: £49.99

    Release Date: August 2018

    Capcom upgrades the 3DS's hunting swansong for Switch, but does it still stand up in a post-World world? More

  • Octopath Traveler Switch Game

    SRP: £49.99

    Release Date: July 2018

    Octopath Traveler is a loving callback to the 16-bit JRPGs that are so fondly remembered from the SNES era, but one unafraid to put its own twist on things More

  • Mario Tennis Aces Switch Game

    SRP: £44.99

    Release Date: June 2018

    Mario Tennis Aces is a single player and multiplayer experience that lets you play with up to 4 people as your favourite characters in an exciting story-mode. Play against family and friends, battle to win missions and play against big villains whilst bringing a new level of style and skill to your tennis game. More

  • Yoku's Island Express Switch Game

    SRP: £29.99

    Release Date: May 2018

    Meet Yoku, the pint-sized postman protagonist of Yoku's Island Express. Use a unique blend of pinball mechanics, platforming and open-world exploration to unlock the secrets of Mokumana Island, help the locals, awaken ancient deities and much more in this distinctive, new tropical adventure! More

  • Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Switch Game

    SRP: £37.99

    Release Date: May 2018

    Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the iconic Street Fighter franchise with the ultimate tribute to its arcade legacy in the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. This content-rich all-in-one package highlights the series' past in an anthology of 12 classic titles with arcade-perfect balancing including the original Street Fighter, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, Super Street Fighter II, Super Street Fighter II: Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact and Street Fighter III: Third Strike. More

  • Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon Switch Game

    SRP: £9.99

    Release Date: May 2018

    Battle with swords and whips in this retro-style action game that allows you to switch between characters in real time to combine their abilities and unlock new paths through the treacherous stages. Your choices in recruiting these adventurers will change the difficulty of the game and may even affect the ending! More

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