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Find Products: Power Amplifiers

  • Cambridge Audio Edge W Amplifier

    SRP: £2,500.00

    Release Date: June 2018

    The power amplifier for Cambridge Audio's high-end, Edge System (the Edge A and Edge NQ modules are also required). Features Class XA amplification built from components selected for 'sonic merit' and uses toroidal transformers, bespoke circuit boards and the shortest possible signal path. More

  • Yamaha MX-A5000 Amplifier

    SRP: £2,499.00

    Release Date: September 2015

    11-channel power amplifier with up to 280w per channel driven at 6ohms. XLR balanced inputs and switchable channels for various set up options. More

  • NAD M27 Amplifier

    SRP: £3,500.00

    Release Date: January 2015

    As our most powerful amplifier ever, the M27 can pump out over 600W into difficult loads to follow complex dynamic peaks in your movies and music. More

  • Cambridge Audio Azur 851W Amplifier

    SRP: £1,499.95

    Release Date: January 2014

    Power amp with two torodial transformers. More

  • Datasat RA7300 Amplifier

    SRP: £14,400.00

    Release Date: November 2012

    7-Channel Power Amplifier More

  • Simaudio Moon 888 Amplifier

    Release Date: January 1970