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  • Amazon Music HD

    by Amazon
    Hi-Res music streaming service, providing more than 50 million songs in High Definition (16-bit/44 kHz), and millions of songs in Ultra High Definition (24-bit/192 kHz). Monthly fee for UK users is £12.99 for subscribers to Amazon Prime, £14.99 per month for non Prime customers, plus there's a Family subscription available for an extra monthly £5 and new and current subscribers to Amazon Music can try out Music HD for a 90-day free trial up to 7th November 2019.  
    Release date:   SRP: £14.99  
  • Deezer Hi-Fi

    by Deezer
    Stream CD quality, lossless FLAC tracks to your soundsystem and desktop for £19.99 per month and experience your favourite tracks and curated suggestions/collection using Deezer's Flow system. Compatible with SONOS, B&O, Yamaha and SimAudio hardware. Comes with a 30 day free trial.  
    Release date:   SRP: £19.99  
  • Qobuz Sublime+

    by Qobuz
    This is the top tier music streaming and download service available from Qobuz. It features a catalogue of 70,000 24bit albums (from 44.1-192kHz) and 40 million CD quality tracks in FLAC format. Ditching the monthly subscription model, Sublime+ requires an upfront annual subscription.  
    Release date:   SRP: £349.99  
  • Roon Labs Roon

    by Roon Labs
    Roon is a music player and music catalogue management system for Windows, Apple and Linux computers. Designed to cater for simple single user setups all the way up to multi-user, multi-room setups. Roon imports libraries from other music streaming apps such as iTunes or TIDAL and also your stored music files, for indexing. 14 day free trial available.  
    Release date:   SRP: £499.00  
  • Tidal Music Streaming Service

    by TIDAL
    CD quality music streaming service via subscription  
    Release date:   SRP: £19.99  
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