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  • The Magnificent Seven Movie

    Release Date: Sep 23, 2016 at 4:02 PM

    Seven gun men in the old west gradually come together to help a poor village against savage thieves. More

  • The Girl with All the Gifts Movie

    Release Date: Sep 23, 2016 at 8:30 AM

    A scientist and a teacher living in a dystopian future embark on a journey of survival with a special young girl named Melanie. More

  • Hell or High Water Movie

    Release Date: Sep 16, 2016

    A divorced dad and his ex-con brother resort to a desperate scheme in order to save their family's ranch in West Texas. More

  • Bridget Jones's Baby Movie

    Release Date: Sep 16, 2016

    Bridget's focus on single life and her career is interrupted when she finds herself pregnant, but with one hitch ... she can only be fifty percent sure of the identity of her baby's father. More

  • Blair Witch Movie

    Release Date: Sep 15, 2016

    After discovering a video showing what he believes to be his sister's experiences in the demonic woods of the Blair Witch, James and a group of friends head to the forest in search of his lost sibling. More

  • Ben-Hur Movie

    Release Date: Sep 7, 2016

    Judah Ben-Hur, a prince falsely accused of treason by his adopted brother, an officer in the Roman army, returns to his homeland after years at sea to seek revenge, but finds redemption. More

  • Morgan Movie

    Release Date: Sep 2, 2016

    A corporate risk-management consultant must decide whether or not to terminate an artificially created humanoid being. More

  • David Brent: Life on the Road Movie

    Release Date: Aug 19, 2016

    A camera crew catches up with David Brent, the former star of the fictional British series, "The Office" as he now fancies himself a rockstar on the road. More

  • The Shallows Movie

    Release Date: Aug 12, 2016

    A mere 200 yards from shore, surfer Nancy is attacked by a great white shark, with her short journey to safety becoming the ultimate contest of wills. More

  • Nerve Movie

    Release Date: Aug 11, 2016

    A high school senior finds herself immersed in an online game of truth or dare, where her every move starts to become manipulated by an anonymous community of "watchers." More

  • Suicide Squad Movie

    Release Date: Aug 5, 2016

    A secret government agency recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency. More

  • Jason Bourne Movie

    Release Date: Jul 29, 2016

    The most dangerous former operative of the CIA is drawn out of hiding to uncover hidden truths about his past. More

  • Finding Dory Movie

    Release Date: Jul 29, 2016

    The friendly-but-forgetful blue tang fish begins a search for her long-lost parents, and everyone learns a few things about the real meaning of family along the way. More

  • Star Trek Beyond Movie

    Release Date: Jul 22, 2016

    The USS Enterprise crew explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a new ruthless enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test. More

  • The BFG Movie

    Release Date: Jul 22, 2016

    A girl named Sophie encounters the Big Friendly Giant who, despite his intimidating appearance, turns out to be a kindhearted soul who is considered an outcast by the other giants because, unlike them, he refuses to eat children. More

  • Ice Age: Collision Course Movie

    Release Date: Jul 15, 2016

    Manny, Diego, and Sid join up with Buck to fend off a meteor strike that would destroy the world. More

  • Ghostbusters (2016) Movie

    Release Date: Jul 11, 2016

    30 years after Ghostbusters took the world by storm, the beloved franchise makes its long-awaited return. Director Paul Feig brings his fresh take to the supernatural comedy, joined by some of the funniest actors working today. More

  • Now You See Me 2 Movie

    Release Date: Jul 4, 2016

    The Four Horsemen resurface and are forcibly recruited by a tech genius to pull off their most impossible heist yet. More

  • Central Intelligence Movie

    Release Date: Jul 1, 2016

    After he reconnects with an awkward pal from high school through Facebook, a mild-mannered accountant is lured into the world of international espionage. More

  • Independence Day: Resurgence Movie

    Release Date: Jun 23, 2016

    Two decades after the first Independence Day invasion, Earth is faced with a new extra-Solar threat. But will mankind's new space defenses be enough? More

  • Gods of Egypt Movie

    Release Date: Jun 17, 2016

    Mortal hero Bek teams with the god Horus in an alliance against Set, the merciless god of darkness, who has usurped Egypt's throne, plunging the once peaceful and prosperous empire into chaos and conflict. More

  • The Conjuring 2 Movie

    Release Date: Jun 13, 2016

    Lorraine and Ed Warren travel to north London to help a single mother raising four children alone in a house plagued by malicious spirits More

  • The Neon Demon Movie

    Release Date: Jun 8, 2016

    An aspiring model finds herself in a terrifying predicament with her survival hanging in the balance. More

  • The Nice Guys Movie

    Release Date: Jun 3, 2016

    A mismatched pair of private eyes investigate the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in 1970s Los Angeles. More

  • Warcraft: The Beginning Movie

    Release Date: May 30, 2016

    The peaceful realm of Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race of invaders: orc warriors fleeing their dying home to colonize another. More

  • Alice Through the Looking Glass Movie

    Release Date: May 27, 2016

    Alice returns to the whimsical world of Wonderland and travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter. More

  • Money Monster Movie

    Release Date: May 27, 2016

    Financial TV host Lee Gates and his producer Patty are put in an extreme situation when an irate investor takes over their studio. More

  • A Hologram for the King Movie

    Release Date: May 20, 2016

    A failed American sales rep looks to recoup his losses by traveling to Saudi Arabia and selling his company's product to a wealthy monarch. More