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  • Audiolab 6000A Stereo Amplifier

    SRP: £599.00

    Release Date: October 2018

    Integrated amp featuring an ES9018 Sabre32 DAC and a wide array of connectivity including 4 digital inputs, 3 line level analogue inputs, aptX Bluetooth for portable devices, a phono stage for vinyl plus amplification for headphones, and of course, speakers. Additionally, it can be run in three operational modes: Integrated, Pre-Power and Pre Modes. More

  • Arcam SA20 Stereo Amplifier

    SRP: £999.00

    Release Date: August 2018

    Part of the HDA range, the SA20 integrated amp is built around Arcam’s highly regarded proprietary Class-G amplification and can produce 80 watts per channel and mix the detail from Class-A and the efficiency of Class-B amp technologies. Also included is a 32-bit Sabre ESS9038K2M DAC and a range of analogue and digital inputs. More

  • Exposure XM5 Stereo Amplifier

    SRP: £1,260.00

    Release Date: July 2018

    Half-width scale integrated amp from Exposure's XM range of products. It boasts an onboard DAC, a phono stage and plenty of connections. The XM5 has a linear power supply based on a 200VA toroidal transformer and uses only audio grade components. More

  • Cyrus ONE HD Stereo Amplifier

    SRP: £999.00

    Release Date: May 2018

    The addition of an upgraded circuit design, built-in 32bit DAC and digital inputs elevates 2016's Cyrus ONE to the improved Cyrus ONE HD. This 'High Resolution' integrated amp also features aptX HD compatible Bluetooth for streaming, an amplifier boasting 2x 100W and Speaker Impedance Detection and an MM Phono Stage. The array of connectivity allows partnership with your PC, TV, Games Console, CD player and turntable. More

  • Cyrus ONE Stereo Amplifier

    SRP: £699.00

    Release Date: July 2016

    Able to drive speakers costing thousands, yet affordably priced, the Cyrus ONE also features a' phono stage' pre-amp and is Bluetooth enabled. The Cyrus ONE streaming bundle adds Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 speakers, a Chromecast Audio plus 3 month service subscription. More

  • Arcam SR250 Stereo Amplifier

    SRP: £2,500.00

    Release Date: January 2016

    As a stereo AV Receiver, the SR250 is in a field of one- is this niche or the future? More

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