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  • Cleer Audio FLOW II

    by Clearaudio
    Adds Google Assistant to the same spec as the original FLOW headphone so therefore features ironless audio driver technology for low distortion, 'best in class' hybrid noise cancelling, Hi-Res audio compatibility and 20 hours playback.  
    Release date:   SRP: £249.00  
  • Bowers & Wilkins PX7

    by Bowers & Wilkins
    Overear, closed-back, noise-cancelling, wireless headphones with aptX Adaptive Bluetooth. There's 30 hours battery life and a 15-minute charge gives 5 hours playback. Playback can also be paused by lifting your hand to the earcup.  
    Release date:   SRP: £349.99  
  • AKG Y500

    by AKG
    Wireless, on-ear headphones with 40mm drivers. 33 hours of wireless playback and a 5 minute speedcharge will get another hour's playback. Automatically pauses and plays when removed and placed back on head. Softtouch headband and memory foam earcups ensure a comfortable wear. Two devices can be paired to a single headphone and simple on-ear controls allow volume and playback control. Ambient aware mode lets you interact with surroundings.  
    Release date:   SRP: £129.00  
  • groov-e Zen

    by groov-e
    Lightweight, ANC headphones featuring Bluetooth and 3.5mm jack connectivity for wireless and wired options. There's up to 10 hours wireless playback and a hands free mic for phone calls. Soft ear pads and swivel earcups ensure comfort for the wearer.  
    Release date:   SRP: £49.99  
  • Grado PS2000e

    by Grado
    The latest flagship Professional Series over-ear, open-air headphone from Grado Labs is made from premium materials including Maple for its sonic capabilities and leather for its comfort. Its newly designed dynamic driver minimizes signal colourations and the proprietary hybrid housing gives the driver the utmost support and eliminates distortion and resonance.  
    Release date:   SRP: £2695.00  
  • Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9

    by Bang & Olufsen
    Flagship, wireless, active noise cancelling over-ear headphones for 2019. Features Google Assitant activated by a dedicated voice assistant button, plus Transparency Mode to hear surroundings and a 25 hour battery life.  
    Release date:   SRP: £450.00  
  • Cleer Audio FLOW

    by Clearaudio
    Over ear wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling headphone which features ironless audio driver technology for low distortion, 'best in class' hybrid noise cancelling, Hi-Res audio compatibility and 20 hours playback.  
    Release date:   SRP: £249.00  
  • Audio Technica ATH-MSR7b

    by Audio Technica
    Part of the Sound Reality series and a revamp of the successful ATH-MSR7. Features 45mm True Motion drivers with increased rigidity and high range capability. Compatible with Hi-Res audio and can be used with high-end audio players using Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial balanced connectors. Extra comfort courtesy of memory foam ear pads.  
    Release date:   SRP: £219.00  
  • Kitsound District Bluetooth

    by Kitsound
    Featuring call handling, noise cancelling and wireless QI charging, the District Bluetooth headphones come with their own charging pad to give up to 20hrs playback once charged.  
    Release date:   SRP: £99.99  
  • Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT

    by Audio Technica
    Wireless, over-ear headphones providing sound isolation in loud environments. Earpad and headband made with professional grade material with mic and control button built into the earcup. Compatible with aptX and AAC codecs and up to 40 hours continuous use on a charge.  
    Release date:   SRP: £179.00  
  • Nura Nuraphone

    by Nura
    Wireless, aptX Bluetooth, over ear headphones with built-in earbuds. Learns and adapts to listener's unique hearing. Features Active Noise Cancelling for quiet listening and Social Mode to hear external conversations. Multitap buttons control music and voice calls and Bluetooth QuickSwitch allows fast swapping between devices. 3 hours charge time for 20 hours playback.  
    Release date:   SRP: £349.00  
  • Audeze Mobius

    by Audeze
    These high-end headphones are designed specifically for gamers and harness Audeze's award winning Planar Magnetic technology to present fully immersive 3D cinematic audio with head tracking. A detachable boom mic is also included.  
    Release date:   SRP: £349.00  
  • PSB M4U8

    by PSB
    Active noise cancelling headphones from PBS with a tri-mode closed back desiogn and 4 microphones for the ANC. Featuring Bluetooth with aptX and NFC with up to 15 hours of wireless or active listening. There is also a Passive mode if the batteries cannot be conveniently charged.  
    Release date:   SRP: £229.00  
  • JBL Tune600BTNC

    by JBL
    Active, noise cancelling, wireless on-ear headphones. A 2 hour charge time gives you 12 hours with Bluetooth and ANC active or longer if you switch these features off. An in built mic and button controls on the ear piece enable music and call management.  
    Release date:   SRP: £89.99  
  • JVC HA-S20BT

    by JVC
    Part of the JVC 'Flats Wireless' series, these fashionable, lightweight, folding on-ear Bluetooth headphones come in four colours. They feature an integrated three-button remote and mic and offer up to eleven hours listening.  
    Release date:   SRP: £34.99  
  • Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i

    by Bang & Olufsen
    Flagship, wireless headphones from B&O featuring improved Active Noise Cancelling and the ability to connect simultaneously to two devices. Smart Touch allows playback and ANC to be controlled by a gesture and a proximity sensor pauses and restarts playback when removing and replacing the headphones. The Beoplay App for Android and IOS enables further enhancement of sound profiles and the listening experience.  
    Release date:   SRP: £449.00  
  • Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8i

    by Bang & Olufsen
    Wireless headphones from B&O featuring Active Noise Cancelling and the ability to connect simultaneously to two devices. Playback can be paused by removing the headphones and the Smart Touch and gesture control of the H9i are substituted for physical buttons on the earcups. The Beoplay App for Android and IOS enables further enhancement of sound profiles and the listening experience.  
    Release date:   SRP: £359.00  
  • Meters OV-1B

    by Meters Music
    British music and audio innovators, Meters Music, present their 2017 flagship headphones, the Meters OV-1B. Amongst the first on the market to utilize the new AptX HD Bluetooth technology they also feature Active Noise Cancelling.  
    Release date:   SRP: £329.99  
  • Bowers & Wilkins PX

    by Bowers & Wilkins
    Noise cancelling, wireless headphones featuring 22 hour battery life and intuitive controls.  
    Release date:   SRP: £329.00  
  • Audio Technica ATH-SR9

    by Audio Technica
    A pair of high-end over-ear headphones.  
    Release date:   SRP: £400.00  
  • Grado GS2000e

    by Grado
    Part of Grado's 'Statement' range, it's the wooden earcups that set these high end headphones apart from the competition in terms of design aesthetic.  
    Release date:   SRP: £1595.00  
  • Bowers & Wilkins P9

    by Bowers & Wilkins
    The latest headphone from Bowers & Wilkins blurs the lines between home and portable  
    Release date:   SRP: £700.00  

    by KEF
    Active Noise Cancelling headphones with luxury finish and aptX Bluetooth technology  
    Release date:   SRP: £369.95  
  • Sonus faber Pryma 01

    by Sonus faber
    An over-head headphone.  
    Release date:   SRP: £400.00  
  • Sony MDR-1000X

    by Sony
    Wireless, Bluetooth headphones with noise cancellation features and proprietary SENSE ENGINE  
    Release date:   SRP: £330.00  
  • Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO

    by Beyerdynamic
    HIgh-end open back headphone with choice of memory foam pads  
    Release date:   SRP: £550.00  
  • Bowers & Wilkins P3 Series 2

    by Bowers & Wilkins
    Lightweight portable headphones with unique folding system  
    Release date:   SRP: £119.99  
  • Sennheiser HD800S

    by Sennheiser
    Sitting just above the HD800 rather than replacing them, the high end, open, circum-aural dynamic stereo HD800S headphones moves to a black frame with eye catching design and build materials. Patented 'absorber technology' helps eliminate unwanted peaks and evens out all frequency components allowing all musical detail to be audible.  
    Release date:   SRP: £1399.99  
  • Sennheiser HD650 Groove

    by Sennheiser
    Do you want to use a full size pair of headphones but don't have a headphone amp? Sennheiser might have what you need.  
    Release date:   SRP: £500.00  
  • Sennheiser PXC-550

    by Sennheiser
    A wireless noise-cancelling closed-ear headphone with support for Bluetooth.  
    Release date:   SRP: £330.00  
  • Bose QC35

    by Bose
    Over-ear noise cancelling headphones.  
    Release date:   SRP: £290.00  
  • Audio Technica ATH-A2000Z

    by Audio Technica
    Audio Technica has been revising their 'ART Monitor' Headphones- time to meet the new flagship  
    Release date:   SRP: £530.00  
  • JBL Everest Elite 700

    by JBL
    Bluetooth, noise-cancelling headphones.  
    Release date:   SRP: £250.00  
  • Samsung Level On Pro

    by Samsung
    A wireless on-ear headphone with noise-cancelling feature and support for UHQ Audio.  
    Release date:   SRP: £224.99  
  • SoundMAGIC P55 Vento

    by SoundMAGIC
    An all new headphone from SoundMAGIC faces some very stiff competition. Can the P55 deliver the goods?  
    Release date:   SRP: £150.00  

    by NAD
    On-ear earphones with 'Roomfeel' technology  
    Release date:  
  • Oppo PM-3

    by Oppo
    A planar magnetic headphone from Oppo that has been designed to be used at home and on-the-move.  
    Release date:   SRP: £350.00  
  • Musical Fidelity MF200B

    by Musical Fidelity
    A headphone specifically modified for balanced audio with separate wired inputs into each ear cup, a thicker and better insulated cable, and a 4-pin locking, balanced connector  
    Release date:   SRP: £250.00  
  • Audio Technica ATH-MSR7

    by Audio Technica
    Slip on something a little more comfortable…  
    Release date:   SRP: £200.00  
  • Musical Fidelity MF200

    by Musical Fidelity
    Improved successor to the on-ear MF100's  
    Release date:   SRP: £229.00  


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