Police Academy : The Complete Collection DVD Specs

Police Academy : The Complete Collection Sound

Sound Options 1-6 : English Mono|7 : English DD Surround

Police Academy : The Complete Collection Production

Studio Warner Home Video
Region 2
Country UK
Number of Discs 7
Release Date 20040607
SKU D033774

Police Academy : The Complete Collection Picture

Aspect Ratio 1.33:1

Police Academy : The Complete Collection Extras

Extras Police Academy|Commentary by Steve Guttenburg, Michael Winslow, Leslie Easterbrook, G.W|Bailey, director Hugh Wilson and producer Paul Maslansky|Reunion Documentary - 'Behind Academy Doors: Secret Files Revealed' (30 mins)|Theatrical trailer|Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment|Making-of featurette: Accidental Heroes - "The Best of" (6 mins)|Theatrical trailer|Police Academy 3: Back in Training|Making-of featurette 'All Washed Up - Floating Memories' (9 mins)|Theatrical trailer|Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol|Making-of featurette 'Remembering A Lofty Investigation' (9 mins)|Additional scenes (14 mins)|Easter egg: 'Wink's behind the scenes home-video' (4 mins)|Theatrical trailer|Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach|Making-of featurette 'Mistaken Identity: Case Reopened' (8 mins)|Theatrical trailer|Police Academy 6: City Under Siege|Making-of featurette 'Unholy Alliance: A Retrospective' (8 mins)|Theatrical trailer|Police Academy: Mission to Moscow|Making-of featurette 'Underneath The Mission' (10 mins)|Theatrical trailer
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