Chord Electronics Qutest Digital Audio Convertor Specs

Chord Electronics Qutest Features

Frequency Response 20Hz - 20 kHz +/- 0.2dB
Output THD 0.0001% 1 kHz 2.5V RMS 300 ohms
Signal to Noise Ratio At 2.5v RMS ref 3V: -117dB 300 ohms AWt
Line Output Level 1, 2 and 3V RMS
Supported Sample Rates 24-bit/192kHz, 24-bit/384kHz, 32-bit/768kHz PCM, DSD512
Bit Depth 24-bit, 32-bit

Chord Electronics Qutest Connections

USB Ports 1x USB-B
Digital Audio Inputs Optical 1
Digital Audio Outputs Optical 0
Digital Audio Inputs Coaxial 2
Digital Audio Outputs Coaxial 0
Analogue Audio Inputs RCA 0
Analogue Audio Outputs RCA 1x stereo pair
Analogue Audio Inputs XLR Balanced 0
Analogue Audio Outputs XLR Balanced 0
Analogue Audio Inputs XLR Unbalanced 0
Analogue Audio Outputs XLR Unbalanced 0

Chord Electronics Qutest Product Properties

Warranty 12 months
Release Year 2018
Colour Black
Width 160mm
Height 41mm
Depth 72mm
Weight 770g
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