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  • Ruark Audio R3

    by Ruark Audio
    All-in-one music system with built-in CD player, Wi-Fi, and aptX Bluetooth, SmartRadio Tuner with Internet Radio/DAB/DAB+/FM, Class A-B amplifier system (nominal 30 watts output) and neodymium NS+ drivers,  
    Release date:   SRP: £629.00  
  • Quad Artera Solus Play

    by Quad Electronics
    2020 version of the Atera Solus that adds the DTS Play-Fi wireless audio streaming platform enabling Hi-Res streaming up to 24-bit/192kHz, via Wi-Fi and Ethernet, and the ability to be part of a multi-room streaming setup alongside the exisiting CD transport, DAC, pre and power amp features.  
    Release date:   SRP: £1699.00  
  • T+A Caruso (2020)

    by T+A
    First introduced in 2008, the updated 2020 version of the all-in-one Caruso music player features an all-aluminium construction, seven integral speakers and three amplifiers running at 100 watts continuous power for the subwoofer system and 50 watts each for the mid / highrange units. Streaming is available via a network, the Internet, Spotify Connect and AirPlay as well as more traditional sources such as the built-in CD and DAB+ and VHF radio receivers. There's also Bluetooth and inputs for analogue and digital sources. Sports a 7” HD touchscreen providing intuitive control of all the system’s functions.  
    Release date:   SRP: £3000.00  
  • Naim Mu-so QB Second Generation

    by Naim
    The follow up to the original Mus-So QB wireless speaker has been re-engineered. There's a new illuminated control dial, updated drivers, 300W of amplification and Naim's new streaming platform from their flagship ND 555. Chromecast is built-in along with support for AirPlay 2, Bluetooth and files up to 32-bit/384kHz. It's also Roon-ready and supports Spotify Connect and TIDAL and can connect with up to 5naim streaming products.  
    Release date:   SRP: £749.00  
  • Ruark Audio R5

    by Ruark Audio
    An all-in-one music system with built-in CD player, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.  
    Release date:   SRP: £999.00  
  • Naim Uniti Nova

    by Naim
    A member of the Unity range of All-in-One streaming devices, the Nova sits above the Uniti Star and enables you to play, stream, rip and store your music collection. There's 80W per channel of Class A/B amplification plus storage of up to 20,000 tracks on external USB storage or SD card. Also featured is a 5 inch LCD display, 40 bit SHARC DSP processing, upgraded Wi-Fi, Burr Brown DACs and an improved control App. Supported streaming services include Apple AirPlay, TIDAL, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth aptX HD and Chromecast is built in.  
    Release date:   SRP: £4199.00  
  • Denon D-T1

    by Denon
    All-In-One Hi-Fi unit based on the company's acclaimed D-M41 system. This brings CD, radio and Bluetooth streaming from a wide range of devices such as phone, tablet and computers - all at an entry level price.  
    Release date:   SRP: £269.00  
  • Elipson Music Center BT HD

    by Elipson
    The Music Center BT hi-fi stereo amplifier sets itself apart with its aptX Bluetooth receiver for wireless listening from any smartphone, tablet or computer. A very versatile amplifier ensuring connectivity with all your devices and playback of Hi Res files up to 24bits. Includes Chromecast box for added connectivity.  
    Release date:   SRP: £999.00  
  • Naim Uniti Star

    by Naim
    More than just a cosmetic update, the 2018 addition to the Unity range of All-in-One streaming systems incorporates a CD player, ripper, server, DAC and amp. Also featured are a 5 inch LCD display, more power, 40 bit SHARC DSP processing, upgraded WiFi, a new premium Burr Brown DAC and an improved control App. A tuner module is an optional extra and you will, of course, need speakers.  
    Release date:   SRP: £3499.00  
  • Quad Artera Solus

    by Quad Electronics
    Quad expands its Artera line with the Solus - a multitasking Hi-Fi system combining a CD transport, DAC, pre and power amp. Features include extensive connectivity, Bluetooth wireless streaming and, at its heart, the ES9018 Sabre32 DAC which ensures compatibility with hi-res music formats.  
    Release date:   SRP: £1499.95  
  • Naim Uniti Atom

    by Naim
    An all-in-one music streamer.  
    Release date:   SRP: £1800.00  
  • Leema Acoustics Quasar

    by Leema Acoustics
    Leema Acoustics brings their considerable technical expertise to the high end all-in-one system but can it challenge the market leaders?  
    Release date:   SRP: £2995.00  
  • Pioneer X-HM86D

    by Pioneer
    Networked CD Player and Streamer  
    Release date:   SRP: £649.99  
  • Pioneer X-HM76D

    by Pioneer
    Networked CD player and streamer  
    Release date:   SRP: £469.99  
  • Pioneer X-HM76

    by Pioneer
    Networked CD Receiver System  
    Release date:   SRP: £429.99  
  • Audiolab M-ONE

    by Audiolab
    DAC and AMP all-in-one system with plentiful connectivity options  
    Release date:   SRP: £799.95  
  • Yamaha MCR-N470D

    by Yamaha
    Stereo all-in-one system compatible with a wide range of sources and functions, from CD, USB and FM / DAB radio to the latest versions of Wi-Fi, MusicCast, AirPlay and Bluetooth  
    Release date:   SRP: £449.95  
  • Auralic Polaris

    by Auralic
    A high-end intelligent All-in-One streaming system.  
    Release date:   SRP: £3500.00  
  • Yamaha NX-N500

    by Yamaha
    A pair of stereo wireless networked powered speakers with MusicCast.  
    Release date:   SRP: £599.00  
  • Simaudio Moon Neo ACE

    by Simaudio
    Simaudio launches an all-in-one player that could well be good enough to put you off separates  
    Release date:   SRP: £2800.00  
  • Convert Technologies Plato Class A

    by Convert Technologies
    An all-in-one system.  
    Release date:   SRP: £4350.00  
  • Steljes Audio NS3

    by Steljes Audio
    A new entrant into the Bluetooth speaker market promises great performance at a bargain price point- does it deliver?  
    Release date:   SRP: £200.00  
  • Naim Mu-So Qb

    by Naim
    The newest member of the Naim family is a distinctive shape but it's certainly no square.  
    Release date:   SRP: £595.00  
  • Revo SuperSystem

    by Revo
    Looking for a one box system that covers all the bases? Revo might have just the thing in the SuperSystem.  
    Release date:   SRP: £550.00  
  • Sony CAS-1

    by Sony
    Compact digital HiFi System  
    Release date:  
  • Yamaha MCR-N870

    by Yamaha
    A HiFi micro system with support for MusicCast.  
    Release date:   SRP: £999.00  
  • Yamaha MCR-N670

    by Yamaha
    A HiFi micro system with support for MusicCast.  
    Release date:   SRP: £699.00  
  • LG CM3430WDAB

    by LG
    All-in-one lifestyle audio solution featuring AirPLay, Bluetooth, CD & USB playback plus DAB & FM Tuners  
    Release date:   SRP: £249.99  
  • Panasonic SC-PMX9DB

    by Panasonic
    Panasonic's flagship HiFi System offering a wealth of connectivity options, a DAB/FM radio tuner and CD Player.  
    Release date:   SRP: £599.95  
  • Sony KDL-40WE5

    by Sony
    1920x1080 LCD HDTV from Sony, with eco-friendly features.  
    Release date:   SRP: £1000.00  
  • Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P6

    by Bang & Olufsen
    SRP: £350.00  
  • Revo Super CD

    by Revo
  • Musaic MP5

    by Musaic
    Musaic pitches into a crowded market with a product that might look conventional but offers some unique features  
    SRP: £250.00  


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