Picture Perfect: Become a Supporter

Information on how to become a supporter of the Picture Perfect campaign

Thank you for you interest in supporting the Picture Perfect campaign

We are inviting support from everyone, with inclusion in our supporters list for major

  • Manufacturers and distributors of display related products
  • Retailers of TVs
  • Industry bodies active in display technology and standards
  • Filmmakers and personalities in the public eye

We require no financial contribution, but to be included on the support page, we do ask that you help publicise the campaign.

What you can do to support the campaign

 General publicity activities

Raise the profile of the campaign online personally and from your company by

Google +1
Publishing a dedicated web page on your website
Posting a news item on your website and newsletter
Telling everyone you know

Raise the profile of the campaign in the media by

Sending out press releases. Our press releases:

  1. Ipsos MORI survey prompts campaign to improve Britain’s television pictures
  2. Watching TVs ‘as purchased’ could cause eyestrain and damage the environment
  3. New campaign to watch movies and programmes ‘as the director intended’
Asking your contacts in the media

We are seeking publicity

On the radio
In newspaperts
In magazines

 Retail activities

Distribute Picture Perfect leaflets with TV purchases and at point of sale
Raise awareness amongst shop staff and customers

Click here to contact us about supporting the campaign.

Contact information

Downloadable Logos

Picture Perfect

Oct 6, 2013
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