Membership Information

Find out about the various types of AVForums membership, and which type your account has.

We have five membership ranks:

  1. Novice Member
  2. Standard Member
  3. Active Member
  4. Well-Known Member
  5. Distinguished Member

Plus a few special ones for staff members and moderators.
Your rank is shown as your title under your name in the forums. The higher your rank, the more privileges are available (like a larger inbox).

You will be promoted up through the ranks by earning Trophy Points. These are awarded for contributing to the forums in various ways like posting messages and receiving likes from other members. This is the list of Trophies and the points awarded.

You are a very welcome Guest here at AVForums. If you have an account and want to log in, or you would like to sign up, then click here.

Guests may view and search the forums. In order to join in the community, guests must Sign Up to create an account. They then become a Novice Member.

Nov 7, 2013
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