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Celebrating its 50th year in 2011, KEF has earned one of the best international reputations for class-leading audio reproduction. With the use of innovative and ground breaking technologies, KEF continues to provide sophisticated audio solutions for both traditional loudspeakers and stylish home cinema systems, which will complement any home interior taste or budget.  
LS50 Wireless
  LS50 Wireless in Gloss White/CopperLS50 Wireless in Titanium Grey/Red The LS50 Pedigree
Inspired by the legendary LS3/5a, the KEF LS50 mini monitor was designed to bring professional studio to your home. After five years of amazing recognition, the model has now evolved into the KEF LS50 Wireless, a complete high resolution streaming system: simply unbox, connect and play. Building on its proud LS50 heritage, the LS50 Wireless now has the addition of both active power and wireless connection for convenient, audiophile standard, hi-fi audio at the touch of a button – an audiophile standard music system for the digital age. Read On >>

Award-winning sound taken to the next level
Following the success of the KEF LS50, great care has been taken to retain the same award-winning acoustic design. KEF’s LS50 Wireless pushes this great sound to the next level with audiophile-grade amplification, sound processing, extensive connectivity and, of course the innovative UNI-Q technology for that sweet three-dimensional sound image wherever you sit. Read On >>

A complete, fully active system
As a total music system with high resolution capable audio streamer, the KEF LS50 Wireless has everything built in and can simply be unboxed, connected and enjoyed. Including two DACs and two amplifiers in each loudspeaker, one for the tweeter and one for the woofer, each amp is optimised to work with the dedicated driver it is connected to for improved sound quality. With the LS50 Wireless, you can enjoy exceptional sound quality previously only achieved by an array of sophisticated components. Read On >>
The great LS50.
Now a complete system.
LS50 Wireless
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Nov 13, 2013
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