Procedure for creating a Commercial Social Account

For the attention of the person(s) using the account.

Please first familiarise yourself with the code of conduct for Commercial Social Account holders.

For existing members

AVForums admin will add you to the usergroup which will give you the Sponsor ribbon which gives you the privileges afforded by the Commercial Social Account


For new members

AVForums admin will set up your new account for you. Please copy this table, paste it into a word processor, complete the details and email to [email protected].

Login name (maximum 15 characters)
We suggest you include your company name e.g. Fred @ AVForums

Email address
will be where all message from AVForums system are sent
Your date of birth
If multiple people will be using the login, supply the DOB of the person using the account the most.
Avatar image (300 x 300 pixels)
We recommend using your company logo. Please attach this to the email.
Signature text
(maximum of 320 characters over a maximum of 4 lines and containing a maximum of 4 links).








Location (maximum 15 characters).
The city and country where you or your organisation are located.

NOTE: Once your account has been set up, we will reply to your email to let you know the temporary password used. It is important that you then log in and change the password to one of your choosing.

Once you have logged in to your new account, please go through the various settings to personalise it.

Sep 27, 2013
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