Competition Requirements

The information required to set up a competition on AVForums.
To be completed by the competition organiser / sponsor. Copy this table, paste it into a word processor, complete the details and email to our sales team.

Use the example competition image (below) as a guide. The numbers in this table here correspond to the numbers in the image.
Required information is indicated by an asterisk*.

Basic Information
1 Competition title*  
2 Competition text*. 2 – 4 paragraphs of text about the competition / prize / sponsor. Use this text to promote your product and company. HTML is accepted provided there is no styling.


3 Short text describing the main prize(s) and any runner up prize(s)*. This text will be appended to the phrases 'Win ' and 'The Prize is '.


4 Total Prize value in £ sterling (used for internal purposes)*.  
5 Start and end dates for the competition*. Note that the competition will automatically be closed and drawn at 00:00 on (the beginning of) the end date.  
6 The number of winners*. (Must be at least 1).  
7 The number of runners up*. (Can be none).  
8 Name of the competition sponsor(s)*. (Used in the terms and conditions).  
9 External link URL. If the competition is being hosted elsewhere, then supplying a link to it will display the link rather than the competition entry form. Only supply this is the competition is not to be hosted on AVForums.  
Question and answers
10 Competition Question*. (Short text).  
11 2 to 4 possible answers*. Indicate which is the correct answer.  
12 Hint text. Can be HTML with a link to an external website with help to answer the question.  
13 Optional marketing message (requires authorisation from the AVForums sales team). This triggers an opt-in (or opt-out) tick box to create a CSV of opt-in email addresses when the competition has closed.
The message invites people to opt in/out of an email mailing list. It must state clearly what the recipient will receive and that they can opt out at any time. The competition organiser must never use the contact details for any other purpose than that stated in this message.
e.g. Tick this box to opt in to our mailing list, sent periodically and containing our latest special offers on products and services. You may opt out of the mailing list at any time.
  Additional message. If you wish to include any additional message above the Enter button, include it here.  
14 Optional list of countries where entrants must be located to elligible to enter. Defaults to no restriction.  
15 Optional age restriction of entrants. Defaults to 18.  
16 Optional additional restrictions. Single sentence of text.  
Images to be attached to the email

A competition thumbnail image. It's used to promote the competition on the home page and in the competition list.

300 x 240 pixels and must look good reduced in size to 60 x 48.


From 1 to 4 images which must look good in a 300 pixel wide column. Each image can optionally have:

  • Alt / Title plain text which appears when you hover the mouse over the image
  • Link URL. Click the image and it opens the link.
  • Caption. Can be HTML including a link.

The example competition below illustrates how the information will be presented.
Click it to open a larger version in a new window.

Competition layout

Competitions are created at the discretion of M2N Limited and we reserve the right to make changes to the submitted competition details where deemed appropriate.

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