Zidoo X9S and X8 TV Boxes promise ‘better than ever’ 3D Playback

Full of Eastern Promise

by Mark Hodgkinson Jul 5, 2016 at 3:06 PM

  • We’ve been slightly critical of Zidoo, in the past, for over-promising on the capabilities of their Android TV boxes while they’ve not always fully delivered the goods.
    Whether this will be the case with their upcoming X9S and X8 models remains to be seen but they seem extremely confident in at least the 3D playback abilities of the devices. The X9S, and presumably the similarly specced X8, are said to have full support for 3D MVC MKV files and an on-screen option to switch top and bottom and side by side encodes to 3D output also.

    In our experience, and Zidoo’s, the TV used to display the video can also be an issue with some not signalling themselves, with EDID (Extended Display Identification Data), correctly which is frankly a pain for the end-user. To that end, the new devices will give you the option of forcing 3D output even when they don’t detect the TV as being so.

    Zidoo will be the first to release an Android TV box based on the Realtek RTD1295 64bit processor and both will ship with their own fork of KODI, named ZDMC, which features heavy customisation for the hardware. The X9S, like its predecessor, also allows users to record via an HDMI input with even 4K video accepted, although it will be captured in 1080p at 30Hz.

    The company tell us the shell of the X9S is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and doesn’t attract greasy fingerprints which sounds great, if you ever decide to launch it through the window.

    We don’t have a firm release date or pricing details, just yet, but they should be available sometime in July 2016.

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