Zappiti NAS RIP Audio Video Edition Launched

More than just storage

by hodg100
SRP: £2,000.00
The idea of keeping all your digital media in one place is appealing to many but the process of ripping and storing it can be daunting – enter the Zappiti NAS RIP which aims to take some of the pain away.
It’s an 8-bay NAS (Network Attached Storage) device with, as the name suggests, a RIP function to back up your CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs, designed for you to enjoy multi room audio and video throughout your whole home.

With high performance video processing technology – we can attest to that - and a rich media centre application, the Zappiti NAS RIP Audio Video Edition is designed to provide an ideal audio / video library storage and feature rich entertainment hub. The Zappiti NAS RIP Audio Video Edition was designed from the ground up to store movies reliably on a modern array of hard disk drives without compression or loss of quality. Designed and assembled in France, the Zappiti NAS RIP Audio Video Edition is scalable and able to continue operating even after a drive failure, without losing any content.

The Zappiti movie database (Zappiti Db) contains data for more than 1,200,000 DVD and Blu-ray titles and 2,000,000 CDs from around the world.

As your collection grows, you can add additional disks to increase storage capacity for your video and audio content. A single Zappiti NAS RIP Audio Video Edition provides storage capacity for up to 120,000 CDs, 12,000 DVDs or 2,000 Blu-ray Discs. Several Zappiti NAS servers can be grouped into a single system to store thousands of movies.

The Zappiti NAS RIP Audio Video Edition provides fail-safe storage for your collection using professional disk storage technology called RAID-5. If a drive fails, data is automatically restored to the hot spare disk, without loss of any content. The failed drive is replaced without turning off the server or disrupting playbacks in progress.

The Zappiti NAS RIP Audio Video Edition delivers movies and music, over a standard residential network, simultaneously to Zappiti players throughout the home. Once movies are stored on the Zappiti NAS RIP Audio Video Edition, they can be enjoyed immediately from any Zappiti player.

For your music, Zappiti collects the album covers and artist thumbnails. Then you can access to your music from any room of your home, equipped with a Zappiti media player and also from most audio players or connected speakers available on the market. You can then control it through your tablet or smartphone or your computer. The artist photos and album covers are downloaded as "folder.jpg" in resolutions 300x300 and 500x500 for wide compatibility with most connected audio systems. The CD tracks are converted in FLAC and ALAC for high fidelity quality (lossless) but also in MP3 for wider compatibility

You can back-up 4 Blu-ray, DVD or CD discs simultaneously by plugging in an external Blu-ray drive connected via USB to the device. Then you will be able to back-up your discs 4 by 4! (1 internal and 3 external).

It’s available now from around £2,200.
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