Yamaha launch first Sound base - the SRT1000

With Intellibeam and all that jazz

by hodg100 Jun 26, 2014 at 3:06 PM

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    Yamaha launch first Sound base - the SRT1000
    Yamaha may have been right at the forefront of the tidal wave of soundbars that have hit the market in recent years but they’ve been a little behind in the soundbase/soundplate sub-product category. Until now.
    Yamaha’s first-of-a-kind SRT-1000 comes with 2 Optical connections, 1 Coaxial, 1 stereo RCA and has a Subwoofer output. The unit itself is designed to support TV sizes up to 55”. It will also learn from your TVs remote control.

    Naturally, the SRT-1000 features a set of unique Yamaha technologies built in. As one example, which is similar to their YSP-1400 soundbar, an 8 sound-beam system is utilised which bounces said beams around your room to give you a surround sound experience in up to 5.1 channels. It’s based on the Intellibeam technology from their higher end soundbars, but refined to be more affordable and accessible.
    Yamaha SRT-1000
    This soundbase features app control with the HT Controller app. The app allows you to switch inputs, control subwoofer levels, adjust DSP and calibrate your SRT-1000 by dragging your finger around the app’s control interface. The app works using Bluetooth connectivity, so while controlling the SRT-1000 you can also stream music to it from your Bluetooth enabled device. It’s available for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store .

    Inside the soundbase are a pair of subs with independent bass reflex ports. These ports have been specifically designed to reduce unwanted resonance by facilitating a smooth flow of air, while taking into consideration the strength of the ports themselves.

    The SRT-1000 will be available in late Summer 2014 and will have an SRP of £499.95.

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