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Yamaha announce new YAS-105 soundbar and SRT-700 soundbase

  • Yamaha has just announced the launch of their new YAS-105 soundbar and SRT-700 soundbase..
    The YAS-105 is a new entry class soundbar, replacing the YAS-103 and features new sleeker looks, optical and coaxial inputs, a 3.5mm mini jack input for portable devices as well as Bluetooth on board. There’s also the option of app control using the free app for Android and iOS, App Navi.

    Within the app, you can make sound adjustments, input selections, and turn on and off some of the Yamaha unique features. Clear Voice comes on board which enhances the speech of movie mixes and TV shows. Yamaha also includes a bass extension mode which as you might guess, enhances the bass response of the YAS-105 offering a clearer and more refined punch.

    There’s also Yamaha’s usual selection of DSP modes including standard stereo (for music) and standard surround (for movies) but you can also choose between specialised DSP modes such as TV Show, Music and Movie.

    The YAS-105 will also learn from your TV remote so you can teach it power on/off and volume up/down as well as mute. Yamaha says they are using their latest and updated AirSurround Xtreme technology to give you a virtual surround sound effect. This tech is born out of decades of research into sound fields and in-house engineers have spent years improving it over time, say Yamaha.

    The SRT-700 is Yamaha’s latest entry class soundbase, adding to the range below the SRT-1000. The SRT-700 is designed for smaller TV sets where better sound quality is so often desperately needed. Placing the TV on top of the SRT-700, you can plug in using the optical, coaxial or 3.5mm mini jack input or use Bluetooth to connect your smartphone or tablet wirelessly.

    As with the YAS-105, the SRT-700 uses AirSurround Xtreme tech, App Navi, a learning remote and it supports both DTS and Dolby soundtracks.

    Both the YAS-105 and SRT-700 are available from Summer 2015 in both Black and Silver colours. The YAS-105 has an SRP of £249.95 and the SRT-700 offers an SRP of £299.95

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